Next full session: 11/11/16, see you there! Austin will be back for this one.bort

Current Party Status:

Spending some time at Whitecap Shipping, the party found a lead to the possible whereabouts to Captain Blackbeard (well, gray, and bushy), corroborated by their old acquaintance, Jadel. The separated group has met at the Silver Raven to plan how they will search for the hidden cove.



About the campaign:

The island kingdom of Morwindl has known peace for many decades. With no bordering countries, maintaining the peace was easy. But peace bred complacency, complacency bred corruption, and a once great nation is fraught with problems few recognize if they even see. The dead walk again, dark gods are restless, and in a world on the brink of change, heroes are born.


This a homebrew sandbox setting for D&D 3.5 with a mix of some rules from the Pathfinder system. We are a group of friends, old and new. Some of us have worked together, and we certainly play together; gaming, camping trips, parties, et cetera.

Morwindl - Darkness Falls

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