Morwindl – Rising Tide

In Season One of Morwindl, Darkness Fell, and our old heroes vanquished the evil sorcerer, Ulrich Draconis, and stopped Vecna from draining all magic from the world. All was not well, however, as some magic was lost and the artifact began to influence our team. Their rise to power must be stopped, the artifact recovered and the cracks in the seal repaired!

And so it shall come to pass that which man has made shall be shattered. The Shadow shall spread across the whole of the land as once more the dark one lays his hand upon the world of man. The people shall quake and weep as the nations of the world are rent.

Current Party Status:

Aurora Phantus, Daardendrian Mishaan, Edward Kalanthis, Kirkwell Thorne, Rorik Steadyhand, and Sparklegem will all come together for the first time on February 3rd, 2018, welcomed to the tiny village of Kroejer’s Well.

Gathered Around The Table

About the campaign:

Gaming Table

This a homebrew sandbox setting I began in 2011 when my friends asked me to do a little DMing for our group. Morwindl has grown far beyond what my initial intentions with it were. I have learned a ton, I have taught some, and a few of my good friends have gotten to spend some time around my table as I muddled my way through learning the craft. I very much appreciate the patience of my friends over these years while I did so – thank you!

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Morwindl - Rising Tide

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