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Current Party Status:

Hoskin has again domineered Ulrich’s time, this time with the enticement of a new home with a stocked wine cellar. The rest of the group seems intent on finding the source of the missing artifacts. With Walthas’s help, the Intrepid has been searched, with only a hidden journal to be found. The church admits to funding the expedition , and the source of their information dead, not long after the crew set sail. The body was exhumed, and only more questions were found.



About the campaign:

The island kingdom of Morwindl has known peace for many decades. With no bordering countries, maintaining the peace was easy. But peace bred complacency, complacency bred corruption, and a once great nation is fraught with problems few recognize if they even see. The dead walk again, dark gods are restless, and in a world on the brink of change, heroes are born.


This a homebrew sandbox setting for D&D 3.5 with a mix of some rules from the Pathfinder system. We are a group of friends, old and new. Some of us have worked together, and we certainly play together; gaming, camping trips, parties, et cetera.

Morwindl - Darkness Falls

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