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34 - Report To Walthas

Argument in the Barracks, a stranger

Report to Walthas

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Thanks Austin for the write up!

As the party breathes in the air of their accomplishments, they decided to leave with haste to report their findings to Walthas. In their company is the distraught Mires, only recently bound by his own cognition. As the group arrives at the barracks they’re greeted but a somewhat more upset than usual Grust. He informs the party, after some convincing, that Walthas is “interviewing” someone, and with him are Naic and Lyra (high priestess of the temple of Pelor).

Walthas is requested by the party as their news cannot wait, regardless of whom he may be interrogating. He seems unreceptive to the party’s plea for him to hear his report, on the grounds that the interview is far more pressing and worthy of his attention.

Through conversation Walthas reveals they are interviewing a tall slender man named Ford. He was found alone on a ship, locked aboard the Intrepid’s brig without any other crew whatsoever seeming to exist.

During this time our own Lindy had sought out Tobias. Not surprisingly he is tending to his endless studies. But naturally he makes time for a friend so true. Lindy reveals to him a string of ears, several adorned with earrings of her homeland. She requires his assistance to see what knowledge she can glean from them. Sadly, Tobias seems unfamiliar with such things. However, he does promise to focus on them for a time in the hopes of divining the truth for her. And with that, they part ways with an awkward farewell.

Turning back to the majority, Aran has had an idea to assist in the information gathering from Ford (as well as to expedite our own agenda) and has proceeded to the kitchens to make soup for all. After some convincing, Walthas agrees to allow the prisoner to be fed. Our Fordseems quite grateful, as he states time and again through incessant ramblings. They all proceed downstairs to the mess hall.

All sit and eat save Mires, who seems too distraught. Ulrich pours them both some wine to help them become more comfortable. Ford needed no assistance however, as he immediately scarfs 3 bowls of the stuff and proceeds to thank Ulrichfor the delicious drink. Lyra places hands on Mires and determines he has been under compulsion. She proceeds to speak to the party however, Aran directs her attention to Morwen and she immediately does so.


Upon drinking deeply from the mug Ford introduces himself to Ulrich as Ford Grumbar. As Ulrich begins to prod about the brig and the Intrepid, Ford states that the subject is far to raw for him to delve into and he proceeds to become quite drunk.

As Lindy approaches the barracks door, she sees a familiar halfling attempting to speak through the too high slit to speak to Grust. As she comes to the door, she informs Grust that it’s just Hoskin and they are both let in.

Hoskin is informed that he wasn’t supposed to be there and he retorts that he is a member of the high council and may go as he pleases. As they both proceed down to the mess, Ulrich tosses Hoskin some wine, which he immediately declines and passes to Lindy, who then sits and grabs a bowl of the tasty soup. Hoskin proceeds toward Ulrich and gives him a key to his new keep, and follows suit with Lindy.

As a show of thanks for the wonderful meal, Ford wishes to perform for the group and so asks Walthas for his hat and gloves. While willing to give the man his hat, he denies him his gloves. However, he does provide him with his violin. Most energetically Ford sings a sea shanty as a show of his gratitude.

Aran sings and stomps along with the melody which surprises Walthas as well as the remainder of the group. Mires finally finishes eating and proceeds to fall asleep in his own arms. At this point Aran does what he does best and proceeds to make wonderfully delicious apple tarts (in special shapes for the ladies).

Ford makes a candid statement of how jubilant he is that the case of the missing crates has been solved to which Lyra immediately yells “WE HAVEN’T!!!” She explains that those belong to her. As she begins a fierce argument about worship she seems to strike a chord with Lindy. They argue for a short moment before Lyra states " I don’t know whom you worship, but worship takes more than a temple" and she storms upstairs with tears welling in her eyes.

Walthas snaps at Lindy for a lack of empathy, to which Lindy shows no care for. She huffs and makes her point and proceeds up the stairs and leaves. Ford asks that his shackles be placed back on him so as not to further offend anyone. As Grust takes Ford upstairs, Aran argues about the whole occurrence to Walthas and they stalemate.

Suddenly a loud orcish curse is heard. Apparently Ford had vanished through the door. Ford calls after Lindy out in the streets as she walks away. He wants to make amends with Lyra but Lindy refuses to show him the way to the temple, but offers to lead the way to the Hoof ‘n’ Mouth being that Ford is afraid of the dark.

Grust describes to Aran how Ford escaped. Amalia, lost in translation proceeds to magically fashion a pipe and Ulrich passes a tobacco pouch to her suggesting she goes slowly. Ulrich, Morwen and Aran keep accosting Walthas to give their report and he proceeds with them to his office. But Morwen is more interested in picking the lock to the barracks to get outside WITH GRUST IN PLAIN SIGHT!! He sighs as she exits. But she then hears crying coming from where she just came and picks the lock again to get inside. Grust, hearing the jingling lets her with a stern look on his face. She proceeds to the sounds of weeping, which just happens to be the office that the others have just entered.

There was Lyra, crying in Walthas’ office. As Aran asks Lyra what is wrong, she proceed to tear up; she is sad and distraught. The temple of Pelor has been losing followers and she doesn’t know where to. She had sent the ship Intrepid (with Kasier’s help) to retrieve holy relics that were onboard a wrecked ship from so long ago (35 years). The Excelsior.

The Intrepid found the goods (as she was informed by the captain via raven) but low and behold, all that was there in port was a slender bard locked in a brig (Ford).

A philosophical discussion occurs between them as Walthas furiously jots notes. Aran and Morwen believe it to be a personal problem that she has to deal with, but in the finding of relics, we can surely assist. Ulrich scoffs at the whole notion of finding proof to justify faith. Lyra continues to cry, exclaiming it was years worth of tithes for no gain. All her hope is currently resting with a talented scion named Orthan.

Lindy and Ford had taken to drink at the Hoof ‘n’ Mouth and during the group’s discussion, Amalia had left to meet them, knowing that is where they’d be.

Lyra gives Aran the captain’s message and she and Morwen continue to Pelor’s holy temple to heal Morwen. Ulrich and Aran give their report to Walthas at long last. Upon completion the party parts ways, as Ulrich continues to his keep.


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