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37 - The Fate of Captain Blackbeard

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The Fate of Captain Blackbeard

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Thanks Jen for the write up!

Morwen kept her promise to follow up with Jadel. She informed her that Blackbeard was not fond of using the traditional black market entrances and typically used one that was located off the coast.

The party met up at Silver Raven where Ulrich is introduced to Verity. Ulrich asks about Lindy and Morwen informs him that they had attempted to locate her to give her a mace but they were told she had left town, so they left the mace with Tobias just in case she came back to town and might see him.

The friends talk about what they discovered at the cemetery and Ulrich informs him he had also heard of Zygor. They catch up on the information about the Excelsior. That it was carrying something, an artifact that was enclosed in a crate with nails that had runes etched into them. While Morwen and Verity explain what they found off the coast during their excursion with Flanagan. Ford hands Aran a copy of the runes he remembered and Aran sat for a while looking at them, then suddenly started reading off some of what they said. Verity says that some of the meanings sound like something from a cult, that could possibly be evil. Morwen shares that some of it reminds her of old folktales that parents would tell children to get them to behave.

They hem and haw over what to do next, Ulrich shares that he discovered with the right persuasion, Flanigan might be willing to share the exact location of the cave entrance. However they agree that those of the correct sex were not interested in becoming a plaything for him and they could find the entrance without him.

The trouble was where would they find a boat? Aran looks at Ulrich and proposes that he approach Hoskin about possibly procuring that for them. Ulrich asks Wendy if she can let Hoskin know the party needs to confer with him. He walks over and Ulrich informs him of their predicament.

Hoskin looks at Ulrich, “I would only entrust this to my closest of friends. Take this raven and place it in water. Once you’ve done that say the word ‘schwan’ and it will transform into a boat. Good luck.”

The party agrees to meet back at the Raven in the morning. They go their separate ways. In the morning Ford, Morwen and Amalia visit Lysander at different times procuring various potions. Ulrich visits the tailor and Jasker.

Meanwhile Aran has completed cooking breakfast at the Raven, creating a most delicious dish of eggs benedict or florentine. The party feels significantly better after eating. Morwen even licks her plate clean. Ulrich in his new fine robes with beautifully woven snakes on the sleeves, informs Morwen and Amalia that an old friend has reappeared and is working down at the docks. There was a moment of rage when Morwen thought perhaps it was Shandrela, but Ulrich seeing the emotions running across her face informed her it was Komek. Relief spread over her and she asked how he was doing. Apparently well for himself and was keeping good company. The conversation turns to the plans for the day and Ford pipes up that Lysander has water breathing potions. The group agrees it is time to head out. Everyone but Ulrich heads to Gulps of Gholien. He heads to his home briefly to change out of his fine robes.

They meet down at the docks in a remote location and perform the magic that transforms the raven into a boat. Ford prepares the boat for sailing and they head out to find the cave entrances. They find an inlet within a dark shadowy place. They land and disembark and Ulrich turns the boat back into a raven and pockets the item. Aran asks if he could possibly look at it more closely and Ulrich says he would rather do that with Hoskin present. They move forward into the cavern and are faced with the choice of continuing on land or swimming. They choose to swim, Aran chose to walking the ceiling. Ford has a feather in his cap that appears to light the way along with Ulrich’s spear tip. They swim, some with more difficulty than others. Suddenly a porpoise appears alongside Verity, helping her on her way. They continue for a time, Morwen and Ulrich making it to shore, when suddenly Amalia’s head disappears under water. Just before she feels a burning, painful sensation in her calf, and she’s bleeding. Something has hold of her. Ford dives under and touches a creature, powerful with scales. Morwen drinks a potion pulls her rapier out and dives into the water. Verity shoots a powerful and bright ray of light into the water. It strikes the creature and she is able to see that it has four powerful limbs, a large mouth and a tail. Morwen sinks her rapier into it’s shoulder. It bites down harder on Amalia’s leg refusing to let it’s meal escape. Ford hits a soft spot on the creature and it bleeds profusely. Ulrich suddenly appears in a different place in the cavern. Aran drops down from the ceiling into the water and kicks the creature and white streaks of light strike the creature as he kicks, Amalia feels more pain each time he kicks it. Ford strikes the creature another time and suddenly it releases Amalia and starts sinking to the bottom of the cavern tainting the water with blood. Morwen and Verity tend to Amalia’s wounds. Ulrich dives under the water and re-surfaces with two feet from the creature.

After ensuring that Amalia was tended the group moves forward through the cavern with Ulrich leading the way. They turn a corner and find three humanoid figures attempting to retrieve beer from a cask unsuccessfully. They can see it appears to be two elves and one human, that should be lying dead, not walking. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light around Verity and the undead; all that remains is what they were holding and wearing. Morwen takes the well crafted wooden mug and Aran takes a long coat, pockets an eyepatch and puts on a tri-corn hat. They find a rickety wooden bridge in the cavern and cross it without difficulty. Ulrichcan feel on his tongue a taste of ash, blood and something foul.

Once across the bridge the adventurers discover an encampment with bodies and a fire that has been out for some time. Searching the area they find only minimal money and treasure, there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary in this area aside from the dead men. Ulrich standing at the entrance to another area gets pushed out of the way as Ford runs through the entrance as if on a mission. He inspects a crate and then moves to a fire.


The party enters the area after him. Morwen looks at a couple bodies, seeing that a left eye and the left hands are removed she draws her weapons. Ford moves towards the other end of the cavern. Verity says some words, and suddenly the room erupts into chaos. A rock dissolves in front of Ford and reforms as a large creature. Two men wearing robes appear in the room. Amalia lets arrows loose and one man falls to the floor but not before striking out at Ford. Morwen feels a pain in her shoulder as she’s struck by an arrow, enraged she runs and strikes the man nearest Ulrich. A divine light comes down from the heavens and strikes the creature. Ulrich says some words and a light dust puffs off from the beast…


Bortas Bortas

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