Season 1 - Batrim

A friendly, middle-aged, balding, overweight, widower.


Pleasingly plump, the balding Batrim clearly enjoys the food and brew of his inn, the Wayfarer’s Rest. Friendly and a good listener, often has good ideas and is able to provide direction to those in need. Now a homeless widower, he seems to have aged considerably since you first met him.

Father of Kathryn and Emileanna. A councilman before Ryndanhaven changed over to a mayor, Batrim has always viewed himself as someone who helps behind the scenes for the greater good. Seeing Niac Drakced sharing his stories, and helping so many travelers along, they quickly became friends. A good judge of character, he has no time to waste on self-absorbed travelers or their nonsense, but will go far out of his way to take care of a good person in need.

Surviving the fall of Ryndanhaven was easy, but now can feel his family falling to pieces without something to keep them constantly busy.

First met the party when Niac brought them to his inn after their attempt to locate Kesta Ironforge and has been friendly with them ever since.



 Season 1 - Batrim

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