Season 1 - Emileanna

Blonde 19 year old overweight barmaid.


‘Frumpy’ might be a good descriptor. Perhaps frazzled. Space cadet. Ever since the passing of her mom, she has been permanently distracted. Her clothes are perpetually not quite clean, and of late she has been gaining weight. Shy, not one to socialize with the patrons very much. Instead, she prefers to clean or cook out of the public eye.

Batrim’s daughter, Kathryn’s sister. Worked at her father’s inn, the Wayfarer’s Rest until it burned to the ground, along with the rest of Ryndanhaven. She followed the party north west to Citadel of Udkig along with the rest of her family.

With no real direction in the new city, she seems more and more lost every day, as she slips further into depression.


 Season 1 - Emileanna

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