Season 1 - Ferrin Kastilar

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A morose individual in the later years of his life, tends to the Shrine of Obad-Hai. His animal companion is a particularly large bullfrog named Lorys. Ferrin has a special love of frogs and the amphibious denizens of the park seem to appreciate him as well.

More often than not, though, his calm attitude breaks at inopportune moments, and he flies into a frothing frenzy. His temper is legendary in the Citadel. More than once, he’s lashed out at visitors with his spells, entangling people or even throwing fire at them for no apparent reason. So far, no one’s been killed, and he always seems able to talk his way out of trouble with the city watch.

The druids of Ehlonna on Oak Island worry that Ferrin’s anger is a manifestation of something more dire, but they hate to meddle in another church’s affairs and bide their time for now.


 Season 1 - Ferrin Kastilar

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