Season 1 - Jadel

Late 30s or early 40s, lean and mean, very light brown hair.


Elaria’s sister, Jadel, has long been a citizen of the Citadel of Udkig. While known to be an honorable tradesperson, dealings in all sorts of trinkets, not all of her dealings were… legal, strictly speaking.

Her sister, Elaria, came to the Citadel to see her, but upon arrival was unable to locate her. Following clues, she searched deep underneath the city, but was taken captive. Our party freed her, they joined forces. Jadel was located on an alter in the dungeon, her body twisted and broken. The group was able to heal her immediate issues, but there were still broken bones to be set, and Jadel had yet to regain consciousness. Niac was able to find a specialized healer who able to help Jadel on her way to recovery. After regaining consciousness, she spoke of the Red Tails invading the the Black Market trying to take it over. She was kept as a prisoner and tortured – the gang desperate to find out the secrets she knew.


 Season 1 - Jadel

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