Season 1 - Laila

Mysterious human female found in a cave.


When a person is in need some illicit item, an obscure map, or hard-to-get information, their underworld contacts might put them in touch with someone such as Laila, one of the city’s least prominent (and thus most effective) black marketeers. And when they have jewelry they wouldn’t dare sell openly, or a secret valuable to the right ears, Laila is there to make the deal for them. All they have to do is haggle over her commission.

Laila has almost any item of contraband immediately available, and even the truly unusual can be hers in a week’s time. “For every buyer, there’s a seller; for every seller, a maker,” she says, and she earns a tidy profit by brokering deals among people who’d rather not be caught bartering in stolen or forbidden commodities.

Laila makes no judgments about those she deals with and only inquires into motives if she’s paid to. She’s scrupulous about making it clear to everyone that every deal is “just business” as far as she’s concerned, and she backs away from any transaction that looks like it’ll descend into violence. But she adheres to bargains rigidly and has no patience for those who try to wriggle out of a business deal. In such cases, her anger sometimes overtakes her neutrality, leading her to plot revenge against those who’ve cheated her.

Laila is always calculating profit margins in her head, so she doesn’t need to haggle endlessly over every item she buys or sells. After a little dickering (more to get a sense of the other party than to arrive at a mutually agreeable price), Laila states a “take it or leave it” price from which she won’t budge. She tries to be polite during negotiations, but in her zeal to conclude a transaction, she can come off as a bit brusque. She’s also accustomed to speaking her mind. (Those who deal with her say that opinions are the only things she gives away for free.) She’s careful to avoid bad-mouthing other customers, however, unless they’ve double-crossed her in the past.

Laila realizes that protection is a cost of doing business, so she’s never without guards and traps appropriate to whatever she’s offering or purchasing. Even in a fight, she’s analyzing the riskiness of the venture. Nothing is as cost effective for her as a sneak attack from behind a shield spell, or casting true strike and aiming her crossbow from the shadows. When her combat calculations yield unfavorable results, she’s quick to retreat or work out a surrender deal. Laila is owed enough favors that she can probably get out of any scrape if she’s alive when the swords are sheathed.

Makes her home base in Tweeregar, is known to serve virtually every city, village and hamlet on the west side of Morwindl. Met the party (and her end) when they were searching for Lysander’s belongings.


 Season 1 - Laila

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