Season 1 - Lankus Kurrid

6-1/2 foot tall bear of a man.


Large and suspicious, is known to inspect each coin passed to him, as if not trusting the coin to be of real worth. He really enjoys running the tavern, and keeps meaning to change the name of the establishment and get rid of the creepy wicker goat out front, but simply hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Holds a grudge against Ryan Kirtap, and refuses to sell any of his ales, but won’t talk about the dispute. Aside from that, he serves a wide variety of ale, mead and even some wine.

This muscular human spent much of his youth traveling from town to town on the mainland, drinking and getting into trouble, until he was forced to move on until finally arriving in the citadel. A frequent patron of The Wicker Goat, he earned a fast friendship with the prior owner. Much to his surprise, Lankus inherited the ramshackle inn a few years ago after the old man finally passed away.

First met the party when they arrived, exhausted and hurting, at the citadel.

Ever the suspicious one, seems finally used to the party’s presence. He might actually even be making friends with Komek.


 Season 1 - Lankus Kurrid

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