Season 1 - Lyra Ivessa

Human cleric and high priest of Pelor


Lyra Ivessa is the charismatic leader of the Cathedral of Pelor. She is an increasingly depressed woman; she can’t explain the loss of the faithful. All her attempts to recruit new worshipers have only managed to keep the congregation’s numbers from dwindling even faster. She has had to release a dozen other clerics from service over the past several years in order to cut costs, and as a result, the cathedral feels empty and cold. In addition to her duties at the cathedral, she is one of the six councilors of the Citadel.

Lyra feels somewhat indebted to the party after their generous donation of Kasier’s money to have him resurrected. It is simply not common to have that costly of a spell purchased from the temple.


 Season 1 - Lyra Ivessa

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