Season 1 - Mikhal Brank

Human wizard of mild talent.


Mikhal Brank had grown frustrated with the logistics of keeping in touch with his family in distant Geweldig Mesto, so he founded Citadel Sendings. Before, messages went missing as often as they were delivered. Finally, Mylor decided to do something about it, buying the deed to this lot and constructing a solid brick building. With the Citadel’s growth, the message services he provides have proven quite popular, and he now subsidizes a large number of similar services in no fewer than five other cities. While MIkhal isn’t of high enough level to cast sending himself, he maintains a good relationship with the nearby Temple of Fharlanghn, whose clerics are pleased with his devotion (and donations) and keep him supplied with wands of sending.


 Season 1 - Mikhal Brank

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