Season 1 - Mylor Orvid

Wise old recluse, with a talent for creation.


Mylor Orvid, the most experienced wizard in the Citadel and master of the wizards’ guild. Mylor and his three apprentices rarely leave the tower that serves as their guildhouse, relying on one of six halfling servants to resupply food stores and take care of other mundane matters. Mylor often spends weeks on end building magic items. Once or twice a year, he heads out alone into the Dreadwood to compare discoveries and creations with the elven wizards who live there; they often go hunting for exotic spell components together.

While Mylor does not run the Temple of Boccob, he does live there and is often consulted as an expert in one form or another. Kasier spoke with him briefly, interested in perhaps some training.


 Season 1 - Mylor Orvid

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