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  • Mountains of Escindia

    Dividing the island into two halves, the Mountains of Escindia are an obstacle to be reckoned with. This large range has some vast peaks, including a dormant volcano, a mountain with a road spiraling to its top ([[The Prickly Peak]]), the [[Tower of …

  • Eldur Mountains

    In the north west of the island, just south of the [[Citadel of Udkig | Citadel of Udkig]] but significantly north of [[Tweeregar]], the Eldur Mountains arise from the plains, driven higher by volcanic activity. Within this range rises the only active …

  • Alta Mountains

    These mountains on the northern most portion of mainland wrap around the city of [[Antiek]], rising from the [[Badlands of Pustny]] and sinking north into the [[Strait of Maith]]. The tallest known peaks are found here.

    Plains of Landgut

    Above the [[Mountains of Escindia | Mountains of Escindia]], these plains dominate the northern portion of the island. The soil here is black and rich, the area is the breadbasket for the entire island, and some of the nearby mainland as well.

  • Crion Moor

    Just south of [[Tweeregar | Tweeregar]], between the [[Mountains of Escindia | Mountains of Escindia]] and the ocean lies the Moor. Often wet and cold, sometimes swampy, this area is never easy to navigate.

    Strait of Maith

    This large body of water separates the island of Morwindl from the mainland in the south. The [[Bridges of Maith | Bridges of Maith]] cross the straight in the west, and there are rumors of an illicit shuttle activity in the east.

    < …

  • Silva Wood

    On the northern-most portion of the island, this ancient forest separates the small towns of [[Granwald]] and [[Ostenbaas]]. Tall and silent, these trees are said to know many a secret. Small villages of elves are scattered throughout the would, but they …

  • Badlands of Pustny

    This vast wilderness on the mainland creeps in on the fertile lands near the sea. Said to be unsurvivable - if you don't succumb to the elements you will live to be dinner for something larger. No one living has a memory as to what, if anything, lies on …

  • Grandwyrm Mountain

    The only active volcano on the island, located in the middle of the [[Eldur Mountains | Eldur Mountains]]. Somewhere down the foothills lies the village of [[Ornthalas | Ornthalas]]. Grandwyrm can often be seen smoking slightly, and occasionally bleeds …

  • Geography

    Original human explorers of the Island found it broad and beautiful, with small inhabitants of elves in the most remote of locations. They named many features of the island somewhat ostentatiously. |

    [[Mountains of Escindia …

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