Cathedral of Pelor

This impressive cathedral towers over the neighboring buildings, and indeed it might be the tallest structure in the Citadel. It certainly presents one of the more impressive landmarks. The white stone walls of the cathedral rise nearly 100 feet into the air, and the large dome of red and orange metal atop the square structure adds another 50 feet to its height. The radiant golden symbol of Pelor adorns the walls of the structure, proclaiming its allegiance proudly and unmistakably. Yet despite its grandiose appearance, the building seems run down and even a bit dirty.

The faith of Pelor has traditionally been the most popular in the Citadel —a nonintrusive yet supportive religion that allows the locals to ply their trades and live their lives while providing spiritual guidance, advice, and healing as necessary. But recently, the church of Pelor has seen a slow decrease in its faithful, and the leader, Lyra Ivessa, struggles to maintain its high upkeep and staffing needs. The reasons for the church’s financial problems stem somewhat from the rise in popularity of Kord’s faith, but the number of new Kord worshipers alone cannot account for the decline of Pelor’s faithful.

The cathedral itself is primarily one huge open space inside, consisting of a central pulpit surrounded by numerous pews. High windows keep the interior brightly lit during the day, and at night a massive holy symbol of Pelor suspended in the dome above radiates a number of continual flames. At dark, the glow of this symbol shines like a beacon through the metal dome, making it as much of a landmark at night as it is during the day. The ground floor contains personal quarters, storage, and other chambers, while the second floor holds the main worship area.

The cathedral sits within a walled compound that also serves as an infirmary of sorts for the city. Several sick houses line the eastern wall of the Pelor compound; ill and injured citizens convalesce here under the care of the church’s priests. Until recently, this care was provided at very reasonable prices, but the hard times that have hit the church have forced the priests to charge more for their services.

Our party has only visited this cathedral one time, in search of someone to resurrect the fallen Kasier. Their hopes were answered, and Lyra herself resurrected him, for a hefty fee. Unfortunately, Kasier revived without recent memories, including how he had fallen.

Cathedral of Pelor

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