Fortified city in the northwest of the island. The party’s current base of operations.
The ruined mountain village. All that remains of Amalia’s home.
This small trading town is where our party initially came together. Full of commoners, it never really had access to all the things the party wanted. An orc army invaded, and our heroes rallied the militia and saved the townspeople, but not the town itself.
(unvisited) Morwindl’s capital city, ripe with political intrigue. Squatting over the Strait of Maith, on the southern side of the island.
(unvisited) On the northern edge of the island, adjacent to Silva Wood
(unvisited) Isolated fishing village on the north east of the island.
(unvisited) Tiny village on the easternmost portion of the island and a frequent victim of piracy.
(unvisited) Fishing and logging town on the north side of the island.
(unvisited) Guards the Bridges of Maith and filled with strange wonders not to be found elsewhere on the island.
(unvisited) Called ‘The Island’s Orchards’, lies not far from the capital city.
(unvisited) Shipping city located on the west of the island.


(unvisited) This slaver city is perfectly positioned for commerce on a protected bay off the Strait of Maith
(unvisited) On the other side of the bridges from Porta Ponte, it’s inhabitants call it the ‘free city’.
(unvisited) The rich black soil nearby tempts many a farmer to brave the horrors of the nearby badlands.
(unvisited) Little more than huts on a cliff of hot springs.
(unvisited) Another “free city”, this one even further from the modest protection of the island.


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