Curio Shop

Owned by Misha Larakti, this shop always seems to be surrounded by curious smells, and an inordinate number of crows lurk on its eaves and gutters. A sign above the door depicts a quasit breaking a wand over a horned skull, and an evil spirit of some sort rises up from the shattered end of the wand.

The Curio Shop is one of three places in the Citadel that regularly traffics in magic items. The cluttered shop is filled with strange items; spell components and alchemical items on consignment from the alchemists’ guild can be found for sale here as well.

The watchful eyes of Misha’s large dog, Talifax, curiously follow all who enter the shop.

Morwen seemed a bit taken by Talifax, while Ulrich was frustrated over her ‘not on hand’ policy.

Curio Shop

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