The Wicker Goat

One of the oldest buildings in the Citadel of Udkig, this ramshackle building is certainly the oldest tavern. Over the main entrance is a drooping wicker goat, its belly long since fallen into disrepair and allowing a family of pigeons to nest inside.

When fortifying the city, this building was chosen as the south western most point of the wall. Nearby is the road to the rest of the island, and a prominent entry. Proximity to the gate has made for a booming business for the owner (the establishment changes hands frequently) as it is literally the first building travelers see upon entering the city.

In addition to rooms, the Wicker Goat serves a wide variety of ale, mead and even some wine, although notably absent are any libations from the Blue Frog Brewery.

The first building the heroes came upon when the entered the Citadel, it has been quite a favorite. Niac & Batrim see to have taking a liking to Lankus and can often be found hanging around here. Komek has spent a lot of time with the owner, even giving him a dragon claw, when he lacks direction, the Goat is the place for him to drown his boredom.

The Wicker Goat

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