Upon crowning their first king, the inhabitants of the island renamed their calendar as the “New Florus Calendar” (NF), and everything prior to that “pre-Morwindl” (PM).

    ? – 1PM

  • » Cataclysm ▾
    A natural disaster? A great war? Climate change? It all depends on what wise old sage you speak with.
  • » Dire Consequences ▾
    The great cataclysm ravages the world, creating vast wastelands with very little hospitable land. People beyond counting are unable to survive and great civilizations turn to dust.
  • » 2500PM: Tribes Settle ▾
    Nomadic survivalists start putting down roots and building cities
  • » 1300PM: Civilization Returns ▾
    The forging of cities and trade routes helps people start leading lives of normalcy again.
  • 1-1000 NF

  • » 1NF: Kingdom Founded ▾
    Morwindl crowns their first king, Florus Bonenffant, beginning the long history of this island kingdom. Geweldig Mesto is the oldest and largest city, and he names it as the place he will hold his court. It is forever after known as the capitol of the island.
  • » 35NF: Borders Secured ▾
    The Bridges of Maith are built, and the docks around the fledgling city of Porta Ponte are burned. The city was further fortified as the gateway to the kingdom, and the terrors of the badlands.
  • » 50NF: Rapid Expansion ▾
    The wealthy kingdom expands, the fertile soil is planted, elves are discovered in the Silva Wood, and small towns spring up in every corner if the island.
  • » 450NF: Pirates! ▾
    Morwindl discovers the downside to being an island – pirate activity on all fronts! Unfortunately, this keeps most seaside towns small and poor.
  • » 500NF: Prosperity ▾
    Under the strong monarchy, Morwindl flourishes in virtually every corner of the kingdom. Trade expands, wizards study hard, farmers live a relatively comfort and great temples are built to the inhabitant’s favorite deity.
  • » 575NF: Civil Unrest ▾
    The great wealth of some expands the differences in the various castes and classes. A large group of malcontents leave Porta Ponte for the mainland, news of them is lost.
  • » 680NF: Exploration of Mainland ▾
    In search of new markets, merchants and explorers cross the bridges and begin exploring the mainland. The full extent of the spread of the badlands is discovered. The ancient slaver city of Antiek is rediscovered, and tentative trade is established. Other small villages are discovered along the way, the inhabitants invariably of the hardy sort.
  • » 815NF: “Free” City Founded ▾
    Seeing that life off the island is possible, Bordo Pustny is built just on the other side of the bridges. Not being very risky, so close to Porta Ponte, but the citizens there call themselves “Free Men”. Strange sites abound in the city, and there is always a dangerous undertone.
  • » 1000NF: Golden Years ▾
    The lands are fertile, research into science and the arcane breaks new ground and trade prospers in the kingdom and on the mainland. Life for the inhabitants of the kingdom is good.
  • » 1100NF: Mainland Expansion ▾
    Despite the prosperity of the kingdom, more free cities are founded, but exploration of the badlands proves impossible.
  • » 1260NF: Monarchy Wanes ▾
    As the “Free Men” foresaw, the prosperity of particularly the upper class has led to decadence, and unhappiness in the lower castes. Religion falls aside on favor of hedonism and an undertone of unrest thrives.
  • » 1734NF: Udkig Founded ▾
    Four adventurers build upon what began as a small village. In a prime location to take advantage of access to the sea, Udkig rapidly expands into the citadel it is today.
  • » 1850NF: Un-nurtured Souls ▾
    In this age of hedonism over religion, a general malaise falls over the citizens they are unable to identify, a need not being met, an influence no longer heard.
  • » 1900NF: Heroes are born ▾
    In a time of great need, from a people who are unaware of their impending danger, heroes are born around the world, destined to be a force for great change.
  • Modern

  • » 2011NF: Destiny Calls ▾
    Intrigued by a call to rescue a missing child, common citizens rise to seize their heritage. Eventually, the child was rescued and a new bond forged with the local blacksmith.
  • » 2011NF: Alchemist Hired ▾
    Lysander moved to meet the party’s needs, but was waylaid. Our heroes were able to recover his supplies and find a few trinkets along the way.
  • » 2012NF: Demon Slain ▾
    The party was able to put the child-eating demoness down, but not without some collateral damage. The experience left them diseased and emotionally scarred.
  • » 2012NF: Temple Purified ▾
    The abandoned tower was cleared of its infestation, and with it the minds & bodies of our heroes.
  • » 2012NF: Villain Vanquished ▾
    The summoner who caused the whole mess was confronted in his lair.
  • » 2012NF: Invasion ▾
    Not to stand idly by when a ripe target presents itself, an orc army invades and burns Ryndanhaven to the ground.
  • » 2013NF: New Home ▾
    Our party and their friends took what belongings they were able to save, and traveled on to a new home.
  • » 2013NF: A True Test ▾
    A hero falls, and the group faces a true test of their loyalty to each other.
  • » 2014F: Usurped Market ▾
    Investigating countless rumors, the black market of Udkig is located, and found overtaken by a criminal gang, which was in turn being coerced by a beholder.
  • » 2014NF: Mysterious Threat ▾
    A nearby village is completely destroyed, the group finds their own reasons to investigate the source of the threat. The find the village in ruins, and are set upon by a scourge of vampires. Good thing they found some new help!
  • » 2015NF: Plagued Civilization ▾
    Heroes follow their instincts and a vague letter back to the citadel, fearing the vampires are spreading to the population center.
  • » 2015NF: Fears Realized ▾
    An abandoned noble house is found a blight of vampires, and the party is grievously wounded here, but emerge victorious.
  • » 2016NF: Spreading Plague ▾
    Not as successful as they thought, our heroes realize the plot runs deeper than they had realized. They find a curious cult buried beneath the orphanage, and reel from the implications.


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