Campaign of the Month: July 2018

Morwindl | Rising Tide

2-09: Dragon's Fury
A legendary enemy indeed.

Brief Summary:

Reluctantly convinced of their need of Reidoth’s help, the party went to scout the supposed dragon’s hideout. Then, started by spiders, they released a fiery explosion, and they awoke that which is best left sleeping.

Watersday the 6th of Planting, 13DF.

A dragon uncovered and engaged

2-08: The Ashen Town of Thundertree
plant monsters, zombies and dragons; oh my!

Brief Summary:

The cave ogre having presented no challenge, they proceeded to Thundertree. Plant monsters and ash zombies fell under the parties combined efforts, but rumors of a dragon newly taking nest in the town presents a troubling proposition.

Watersday the 6th of Planting, 13DF.

An ogre dispatched, a ruined town discovered.

2-07: A Grateful Town
and being hunted on the road.

Brief Summary:

Our heroes are feasted and revered in a late Growing Festival celebration. Cautiously hopeful about the future of the town, the townsfolk are able to provide directions to a druid, likely to know the location of what they seek. They set upon the road, only to find themselves chased by a squad of bugbears.

Watersday the 5th of Planting, 13DF.

Return and revel in Wende

Watersday the 6th of Planting, 13DF.

Head out for Thundertree, hunted on the road

2-06: The Fate of Iarno Albrek
and the keys of Tresendar Manor

Brief Summary:

Tresendar Manor fully explored, and the ruffians either bested in combat (or chased out of town). All except the evil wizard, Glasstaff. Bested in combat, but his correspondence left behind revealed him as actually Iarno Albrek, formerly of the Lord’s Alliance, and a friend of Sildar Hallwinter’s.

Watersday the 5th of Planting, 13DF.

Redbrand Hideout cleared out, Iarno Albrek found.

2-05: The Redbrand Hideout
and the voices in our heads

Brief Summary:

Hoping to endear themselves to the locals, and to put down the local evil wizard, the group heads into the ruins of Tresendar Manor, looking for some thugs. What they found was entirely different and unexpected, but a shiny new sword was also uncovered.

Watersday the 5th of Planting, 13DF.

Entering the Redbrand’s hideout, and the encounter with the Nothic.

2-04: Introducing Wende
and the Redbrand Ruffians dilemma.

Brief Summary:

They took the ferry to get to the town of Wende, where they met a number of interesting personalities, but no sign of the way to the mine. The townsfolks have their own problems, and seem desperate to recruit the party’s help. One way or another, the local bullies come out of the woodworks to address the newcomers.

Godsday the 4th of Planting, 13DF.

Arrival and exploration on Wende

Watersday the 5th of Planting, 13DF.

Further exploration of Wende, and the Redbrand problem revealed.

2-03: The Prisoners of Cragmaw Hideout
"Klarg will make a throne from your bones, puny ones!"

Brief Summary:

The goblin cave was investigated, a human prisoner freed (Sildar Hallwinter), and rumors about Opalbelly’s kidnapping were heard. Someone else wants the location to the lost cave as well!

Godsday the 4th of Planting, 13DF.

A cave investigated and cleared.

Bridge of Cragmaw Hideout

Prisoners freed.

Cragmaw Hideout Map
2-02: The Goblins of Tri-Boar Trail
And a brush with Nature's Avenger.

Godsday the 4th of Planting, 13DF.

“It’s Amalia!!” informs Sparkle Gem. The rest of us not knowing it was her. After all, talk doesn’t come with a picture. Nor did the notices on the bulletin board.

Amalia speaks harshly, asking us why we’ve come and why we’ve undone her works. The group informs her that they heard scratching in the mine and went to investigate. Finding undead to slay.

This seems to please Amalia, as the unnatural causes her disdain. Yet, it was she who encased the miners for their destruction to the wilds, effectively turning them into the undead the group had recently slain.

She informed the group that holes in the ground are unacceptable. But after a line of sarcastic questioning by Kirkwell, they all agreed that graves were ok.

The lady of the wood seemed appeased enough to leave the band with their lives intact. And even warned them of a group of bandits that had been following them and was nearby, just across the river. She vanished…

The group heard the splashes of what sounded like one person crossing the river. The group hid and made plans for an impending attack.

As the bandit approaches, sword drawn, Rorik appears behind him: blade pressed to back. After a tense moment of “you kill me, I kill you” the bandit dropped his blade, which Rorik collected after sheathing his blade. Apparently, Bandit Brad was just hungry, as were the rest of his men.

They were all invited to the fire and Kirkwell gave them (6 in total) some rations as he “smoked” his bubble pipe.

They were once part of the “Red Brand” said Bandit Brad. But things had changed for them in Wende. Their once simple gang of mostly racketeering had become something all together wrong.

They all ate ravenously at the meagre meal provided them; they had had nothing but mushrooms for so long (Amalia has disallowed the hunting of game).

Utilizing her endowments, Aurora gathers copious amounts of information from Brad. All about Wende’s past history, this Glass Staff person that has made the Red Brand into a gang of murderers and rapists, etc…

While they discuss, Kirkwell slips a gold piece into the pocket of each “bandit” undetected. This was greatly aided by the attractive nature of Aurora’s “personalities.”

At long last, they part ways, the once-Red Brands unsure of where to go. Some suggestions are thrown out and they leave.

Back on the road to Wende the party comes across a couple of dead horses.

Some Goblins attack and are put down effortlessly. At this point (was it Aurora or Sparkle Gem? Maybe Misha?) evidence of someone being dragged off the road is found. Most likely an Opalbelly (or so thinks the party).

They follow the trail as the wilds seem to grow dense and handsy. The path narrows and shortly our party is traveling single file. Edward in the front, encounters a pitfall but manages not to fall in. A close call!

The group then decides to act more tactfully, looking for traps and staying as far off the actual trail as they can.

The group manages to disarm (was it one for trap? The 2 smashing logs? Or wait, weren’t some bolts shot at us too? Did Misha notice that one?) all the traps heading to a clearing.

The clearing lead to the river which included a splendid waterfall. Unsure of what lies across the river, Sparkle Gem and Kirkwell cross the clearing, neither seeing signs of threat from the other side. Sadly, they were mistaken. But, luckily the others spotted 3 unsuspecting goblin guards in the boughs of the trees across the river.

With deadly accuracy, communal effort by our band, they bested the goblinoid fools. Then came the looting, which of course, wasn’t much (Goblins and all that).

Inspecting the area, there appears to be a cavern mouth by the falls. Is this where the poor soul has been taken?

2-01: Outpacing the Opalbellys
Can the lost mine of the Wendelver Pact actually be uncovered?

Sunday the 2nd of Planting, 13DF.

Our group of adventurers (loosely bound by communal dream) arrives at Kroejer’s Well in search of an uncertain heading. In the Wayfarer’s Rest they meet person (that one guy) that welcomes them and seats them at a table similar to what some other notable adventurers had sat at before a fire destroyed the old establishment.

He introduces the travelers to a sullen, quiet shape in a chair and calls him Niac Drakced. Apparently a wordless, and sad visage of what he once was (whatever that may have been).

As the discussions continue, rumors are shared with and amongst the group of travelers. The young bar back comes and goes in turn, often with drink and less often with post for certain members of the table.

As discussions turn serious, the group decides to attempt to get to the Wendelver mine before the Opalbellys. The decision mostly came about due to the unceasing insults by Rorik of how moronic the Opalbelly Clan is. That, and Kirkwell and Rorik have a friend in Wende.

The Party leaves the Rest, as there are still a few hours of daylight left. The hope being that they can camp outside the Haunted wood (shown on the table at the bar) and walk straight through it in the daylight hours. After all, who wants to spend the night in haunted wilderness?

Moonday the 3rd of Planting, 13DF.

Our intrepids rise early, those that stood watch none the worse for wear. They travel in a tight group through the wood, Rorik and Kirkwell on instruments.

After a long day of travel, the group sets up camp in a clearing as the sun begins to set. A soft trickle can be heard from the nearby river as they prepare for rest (after a guard watch order had been established, of course. Rorik, Kirkwell, Edward).

That night passed uneventfully. Or, almost…

Godsday the 4th of Planting, 13DF.

Edward can’t shake it. He hears the sounds of scratching in the early morning hours. As he approaches the nearby rock out cropping, it gets louder.

He rouses the rest. Sad news for our reptilian friend; she was sleeping in her armor and awoke fatigued.

As they all get into position, Edward notices that this rock out cropping appears to be a collapsed mine. The opening being incredibly narrow. With his shield in front, Edward charges the narrow corridor. Arrows whiz by, some directly hit his shield.

The cavern eventually widens and the rest follow headlong into the fray. The undead being put down with great ease by our fearless band.

Then come the questions: What happened here? How was there a collapse? What turned these…well, what appear to be miners into undead wretches?

As they leave the cavern full of questions, they exit into the crisp morning air. And looking toward their camp, they see a bear of titanic proportions, next to what appears to be a woman. Could it be…?

2-00: Session Zero - Beginning Season Two
Character building and plot development

What might your group of heroes be known as? The Clan of the Black Fist? Forge Rats? Grave Singularity? This will also be an important topic of conversation! In the meantime, check out Character Creation.

And so it shall come to pass… The forces of light are recruiting help combating the Rising Tide of evil forces. Heroes capable of joining the pieces of the Spear of Power and using it to forever seal the portal breached by Ulrich’s descent into lich-dom. Is yours the stuff heroes are made of?

Merry Christmas, my dear friend! Within you will find tools to help us cooperatively tell an epic tale, with you at the center. Morwindl will resume in 2018, where we begin Season Two ‘Rising Tide’ – an all new tale featuring never before seen heroes in their quest to end Vecna’s threat.

Five years have passed since the incident at the portal. Your hero will rise to stardom in the Kingdom of Udkig – the northwest portion of Morwindl. Any Darkness Falls NPCs you wish to tie yourself to as part of your backstory will be fine, provided they aren’t tagged as “dead.”

Our “Session Zero” will be held January 6th at 9am at the Sheckler Manor – brunch will be served. You will cooperatively build characters, entwining your stories together. Please keep your character concepts loose, as all things may change once we sit down together! Any class from a 5e book is fine by me, but I want to stick to the base rules as we all learn a new system.

Consider yourself forewarned; I intend to do a whole lot of things differently than I did with Darkness Falls. I’m putting a focused effort in to YOU telling your story, rather than having you along for a ride of my own writing. My goal is to draw out your creative energy, and using that to inspire the whole table’s creative spirit – my own included.

I’m very excited to lay the foundation for this new story, and I am grateful to have you as a central part. Thank you for the gift of your time, energy, and friendship; it truly is the most gratifying of gifts. My sincerest best wishes for you in 2018,

- tim
PS: Let us make some cool stories and help tell them with cool props. Karma points for cool character props! :-)


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