Morwindl - Rising Tide

2-00: Session Zero - Beginning Season Two
Character building and plot development

What might your group of heroes be known as? The Clan of the Black Fist? Forge Rats? Grave Singularity? This will also be an important topic of conversation! In the meantime, check out Character Creation.

And so it shall come to pass… The forces of light are recruiting help combating the Rising Tide of evil forces. Heroes capable of joining the pieces of the Spear of Power and using it to forever seal the portal breached by Ulrich’s descent into lich-dom. Is yours the stuff heroes are made of?

Merry Christmas, my dear friend! Within you will find tools to help us cooperatively tell an epic tale, with you at the center. Morwindl will resume in 2018, where we begin Season Two ‘Rising Tide’ – an all new tale featuring never before seen heroes in their quest to end Vecna’s threat.

Five years have passed since the incident at the portal. Your hero will rise to stardom in the Kingdom of Udkig – the northwest portion of Morwindl. Any Darkness Falls NPCs you wish to tie yourself to as part of your backstory will be fine, provided they aren’t tagged as “dead.”

Our “Session Zero” will be held January 6th at 9am at the Sheckler Manor – brunch will be served. You will cooperatively build characters, entwining your stories together. Please keep your character concepts loose, as all things may change once we sit down together! Any class from a 5e book is fine by me, but I want to stick to the base rules as we all learn a new system.

Consider yourself forewarned; I intend to do a whole lot of things differently than I did with Darkness Falls. I’m putting a focused effort in to YOU telling your story, rather than having you along for a ride of my own writing. My goal is to draw out your creative energy, and using that to inspire the whole table’s creative spirit – my own included.

I’m very excited to lay the foundation for this new story, and I am grateful to have you as a central part. Thank you for the gift of your time, energy, and friendship; it truly is the most gratifying of gifts. My sincerest best wishes for you in 2018,

- tim
PS: Let us make some cool stories and help tell them with cool props. Karma points for cool character props! :-)

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43 - Storming Vecna's Stronghold
Vecna, eater of magic.

Waves crashed against the hull of Phoenix, the taste of salt heavy on the air. The sound of the sea was broken only by the occasional murmur of the crew’s voices – the fell task they were about weighed heavy on their actions.

Ford directed the nervous crew on loading barrels of the acquired alchemical fire on the shipboard catapults, ready to bombard the tower at their destination. Morwen, Verity, and Aran questioned the prisoner in the ship’s brig, a worn and defeated Hoskin, the traitorous halfling. He seemed overconfident in his abilities, and at the same time that the end of the world was at hand.

The landfall of their destination was spotted at last on the edge of the horizon. Our intrepid heroes weighed anchor and bedded down for the night. They rose early in the morning and broke bread together one final time in a curious silence; all that needed to had been said already.

Amalia shrouded Phoenix in the obscurity of a morning fog, shielding the ship’s arrival from the watchful eyes of the looming tower. The party disembarked with Hoskin in tow, leaving strict instructions with the crew to bombard the tower at a specified time. The walked towards the tower in silence, the difficulty of the task weighing on their minds. At last they crested a hill and a fortified tower came in to view. His robes flapping gently in the breeze, Ulrich’s solitary figure stood watch. Then the rain of fire came, alchemical fire set the tower ablaze, burning it to nearly the foundation – the untouched foundation.

Hoskin’s insight that the tower served as a conduit to another plane seemed confirmed. They explored the freshly ruined keep, and found a cave system leading an untold distance into the ground, and to another plane. Using their wits and their training, they found their way to a strange underground fortress Hoskin called the ‘Ninth Seal.’ Aran scouted ahead and saw three cultists consulting with a communication orb, and witnessed Ulrich burning the three to ash, then raising the ash as shadows to fight for him again.

The heroes surged forward into the fortifications, taking on the shadows, shambling dead and some archers scattered about the fortress. They gained the battlements, they stench of brimstone stronger at the height, but the stench didn’t compare to the horror of the vista laid out before them. Countless undead shambled about, most between two rivers of lava. Some fired arrows at the ramparts, but our heroes were unphased by the simple ranged assault.

They saw pillars created from the parts of dead humanoids, ominous, runed towers, and a raised dais. The elevated place saw Ulrich standing upon an alter, but their attention was drawn to an ominous, writhing portal. At times, the portal seemed to shudder from within, as if something was attempting to batter its way out of the magically sealed barrier.

Determined not to let the Ninth Seal be damaged in anyway, the heroes took a wind walk to end up just on the other side of the drawbridge, ready to engage in a fight. And fight they did: almost immediately Amalia and Ulrich started trading raging bolts of energy, the air sharp with a slight tinge of chlorine. Aran and Verity began bashing their way through the sea of the dead, arrows raining from all about. Morwen and Ford had less success putting the undead down, but the fight was too desperate to notice at first.

A loud thundercrack, and Ulrich’s burst of lightning branched out striking several of the heroes, burning grevious wounds through their clothes. Hoskin clutched his stomach, roared Ulrich’s name in anger, then futilely charged into the sea of undead.

In the gloom, a new but familiar figure strode purposefully into the battle. The mighty half-breed, Komek moved confidently about the field, getting ever-closer to the Scion, Verity. She sidestepped the mighty orc’s powerful swing and dashed forward, intent on the evil sorcerer.

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Thanks ? for the write up!

42 - On Trial For Murder
The Stilling of Hoskin Lashti
On Trial For Murder!

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Thanks Jen for the write up!

41 - Time Is Relative
"A normal rainy day at Tower Draconis; just a little bloody"
Time is Relative

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Thanks Sharon for the write up!

40 - Friend turned Foe
"That's not true, that's impossible!"
Friend Turned Foe

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Thanks Austin for the write up!

Our setting is The Silver Raven, but the state is confusion. With most of the party present, and a beaten and battered Hoskin tucked away upstairs in a locked room, the patrons of the bar have been removed and the establishment secured. Aran had taken first watch in Hoskin’s room, but with Ford taking up the mantle, Aran left to find Ulrich in his tower and inform him of what had transpired with his trusted friend.

Upon arriving at Tower Draconis, Aran is met with the unsightly and grotesque visage that is Brigitte, Ulrich’s maid and house servant. Naturally this brings more confusion because she seems so out of place in Ulrich’s employ. Nonetheless, Brigitte lets Aran into the main floor and upon Ulrich’s arrival, he immediately informs him of Hoskin’s current well-being. They’re off like a flash.

As Ulrich and Aran make their way to the Raven, Aran brings up, not just the state of Hoskin but also his feet, uncovered and bloody. Those same feet could’ve made the tracks leaving the cove that they had come across. Ulrich states that certainly Hoskin must have been a victim himself and narrowly escaped with his life.

They enter and proceed up the stairs to a barred room. Aran knocks, only to be answered by a familiar voice “I don’t know who you are, but there are 10 of us in here and we can defend ourselves most assuredly.” It was Ford.

Upon letting in Aran and Ulrich, the three of them converse for a time after Ulrich tends to his friend. They discuss what he could’ve been doing at the cove and how he would’ve managed to escape with his life.

As Ford and Aran proceed to exchange roles, Morwen awakens. She kindly offers to take watch whilst giving the other two (Ford and Aran) an opportunity to rest. As the logistics of this task are worked out, Ulrich proceeds to the cellar to fetch a lambic that would be a welcome sight to Hoskin, should he ever awaken.

Ulrich returns and places the cups gently on the nightstand and takes up his seat at the bed’s side. He notices Morwen has taken to inspecting some wood from one of the smashed crates found at the cove. Morwen inspects closely, noting the images on the three separate nails, they’re order…who seals a crate thus?

In an effort to break her concentration Ulrich asks if she had noticed Hoskin’s clothes. Namely, the large hole on his torso. As she inspects, Hoskin’s breathing becomes more labored, so she breaks into song, sharing our familiar ballad of courage. His breathing steadies.

Amalia stirs and takes the watch from Morwen while Ulrich doesn’t move. As Morwen returns to her slumber, Ulrich asks Amalia if she could put out the word among their compatriots that he is looking to sell the completed dragon armor he had made. After a fairly clunky conversation Ulrich proceeds to ask her her thoughts on all that’s happened with Hoskin and the cove. Not but confusion and uncertainty is the consensus.

During this time, you may be asking, “Where has Verity gone?” Well, being the ever wary and smart person she is, she had been spending many hours at the temple of Pelor gaining focus and casting a spell over the entirety of Udkig. One that would show her the true evil of this place and where to find it. After much focus and time, she resolves her spell, unsure of an exact entity or agent of evil. She leaves the temple and shortly thereafter, enters the barred room amidst the conversation of Amalia and Ulrich.

Upon seeing the sight of Hoskin, Varity casts a Regen spell and his limbs begin to grow back as his wounds heal. The party awakens to the sight. Ulrich hands Hoskin his wine but he drops the glass. So Ulrich hands him his own wine.

Without a beat of rest Hoskin was bombarded by questions from the group about what happened. He tries his best to recall what all had occurred, the cave and the bodies. But he is foggy on most details. Ulrich requests the treatment of time, to allow Hoskin to collect his thoughts. Ford however plows ahead with his queries.

Aran decides to make breakfast for everyone and Morwen shows the wood and nails to Ford in an attempt to glean some knowledge of their meaning.

Not paying much attention, Ford gets some pieces of information from Hoskin. Namely, that when he stumbled back into town he went to Tower Draconis before returning to the Raven. Ford asks if there’s any chance he stashed anything there, but gets no answer. After inspecting Hoskin’s clothes, Ford asserts that we all must proceed to the Tower and sort things out for ourselves.

Aran arrives with tasty treats for the group and asks the unsettling questions about Brigitte’s appearance to Ulrich. They clearly don’t see the same image. Aran is concerned that Ulrich is being dominated but Ulrich attests that he is not. Amidst the exchange Verity informs Ulrich of the task she has been undertaking and that there is evil afoot with an unknown location. Ulrich should be concerned if he is seeing things differently from the others.

The final nail in the coffin, they all eat and proceed to the tower. With the tower drawing nearer, tempers rise. Ulrich feels like a suspect, clearly misinterpreting what is actually concern by his friends.

As they mount the steps to the keep, Ford sees Brigitte for the first time. He is utterly terrified.

They all enter the main room and glance around. Some ask Hoskin about what he remembers, others ask if Brigitte knows anything.

Verity makes an attempt to detect evil. But she falls flat on her back. Something has stopped her spell. Her world fades to black as she drifts away into unconsciousness. But quickly she is greeted with icy water dowsing her face and she bolts upright.

As everyone tries to regain their composure, Ford , Aran and Verity notice the image of the dragon on the mat in the room. And a slight tingle of dread chills their spines.

Further inquiry with Hoskin and Brigitte leads the group to the cellar. Ulrich proceeds down the stairs without concern, but Verity and Aran sense something upon touching the rail. There’s something evil here. With an exchange of glancing, they proceed downward. Brigitte leads the way after receiving the stink-eye from Verity . The group follows in stride.

As they all search, nothing jumps out at them. Ulrich is seemingly annoyed but still searches. Ford leans back against the wall, seemingly defeated. But he falls through the wall into an apparent open cave. Morwen notes that there was an illusion upon the walls.

They all walk into the opening and see a huge cavern. Ulrich is surprised, as this is truly something he has never seen before.

As they all enter the space, Aran and Verity notice ornate carvings or shapes in the stonework. They identify it as a black dragon.

In the majesty and grandeur of the cavern, their eyes are drawn to the portal at the far end. Suddenly Brigitte blinks out of existence and becomes some sort of undead thing at the portals opening. It begins to glow and swirl with purple light.

Verity is prepared for the worst and calls her armor in place! The Lich outstretches his hands and two gigantic metallic bulls appear. The being calls to Ulrich, mentioning his adoptive mother, and asks if he wishes to take his rightful place.

Ulrich seems entranced and walks to the portal. At the precipice he is stopped by Ford, amidst the chaos of brilliant light from Verity striking the lich (as he just shakes it off). Ford attempts to talk Ulrich out of his resolve. But he fails. Ulrich enters the portal.

The bulls begin to stamp and snort. As green smoke exits one’s nostrils and turns Aran to stone, Ford is struck by the undead demon, and Verity launches an offensive of beams at the bulls.

Morwen attention is focused on the undead as she attempts to cast Tasha’s hideous laughter on it. At the same time Amalia fires her bow at the same target.

Ford has a different approach, and blinks to the precipice. He attempts to enter the portal but he is stopped. He cannot enter. But, he does see a familiar coastline. As well as the demon.

One of the bulls targets Ford and attempts to attack, but misses. Morwen is attacked by the other bull but Verity attacks it and the trueness of the strike knocks one of the horns right off!

During the battle the undead thing enters the portal and vanishes. Morwen continues attacking the bull and scores a mighty blow, while Amalia finishes off the other with a big blow. The bull falls to the ground and transmutes into a purple goop.

Verity scores a devastating blow and the bull stumbles. It is brought to its end by a final blow from Morwen. With a closed portal, a party member missing and one turned stone, the question exists: what now?

39 - Dark Tidings, Mangled Friends
"What is in his sack?"
Dark Tidings & Mangled Friends

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Thanks Sean for the write up!

Following the battle Amalia, Morwen, Ulrich and Verity begin to check the room for any clues or objects of use. A thorough search reveals no new clues but a wealth of gold, a spell book, scrolls and potions for later consideration. By the time the search is concluded, Aran and Ford return from the upward passage to report that a single set of bloody footprints led out of smuggler’s cove and back towards town.

The decision is quickly made to abandon the room full of old and new corpses. Before, departing, Verity drew on her divine connection to heal many of the wounds that the cultists and golem had inflicted. As the group entered the tunnel, Verity and Amalia made an effort to follow the tracks of the bloody footprints which showed no deviation before reaching the cave mouth. The party resolved to mark this spot to remember the entrance to smugglers cove before trailing the lone set of tracks back towards the city. While walking, Ford pondered aloud why the cultists were there and how only one person escaped. Further recollection led him to identify most of the fallen bodies that were divested of their hand and eye to have been sailors, some of which he remembered from brief encounters on the ship Excelsior. The others found this most puzzling as well and speculated at why the cultists were seemingly awaiting them. Almost a mile out, the no longer bloody footprints led to the road and it was assumed that the bearer headed into the city. While walking, Aran began to fiddle with the robe he pulled out of the cove and discovered that one of its many patches detached and became a lantern. The issue of the apparently magical robe distracted the weary travelers until the city gate was reached.

Verityquestioned the gate guard for information on bloody travelers entering in the recent past. The guard was naturally put on guard by this line of questioning. And, it took pointed name dropping from Verity to assuage his reticence to help. In the end he agreed to send the officer that would have been on duty to the temple if he could be of any use to identify persons that might be relevant.

Once the brief discussion was concluded, the guards pointedly took note of the citizenship of Morwen, Ulrich and Verity. The others were informed that it cost a gold to enter the city each time you desired entrance. Aran and Amalia begrudgingly paid for their entry while Ford nervously excused himself further down the length of the wall, making promises to meet up with the others in town. The foolishness of paying for entry over and over rankled him enough to inspire a foolish excursion out of the sight of the guards. One ethereal jaunt later saw him inside the city on an unknown street, slightly worse for wear.

Inside the city Aran broke from the group to make a series of visits to shops. The shield from the former battle with the vampires was sold, to be split. And, a small negotiation with the woman in the Curio Shop identified his robe as holding many useful items in its patches. After making the rounds at other stores, Aran returned to the shop to negotiate a pair of gloves which would increase his dexterity for a sum of money and a promise of a new line of spell infused bread which would put potions to shame.

Ulrich departed for his tower and promised to return to the Raven later to return the magical raven in spite of Aran’s generous and self serving offer to return it for him.

Morwen dropped off several potion ingredients with Lysander and went to see her friend Niac to look over the locked spell book she had acquired. Niac pointedly commented that he did not know how to open locks without keys. After an embarrassed moment, Morwen had an open spell book for him to look over. He identified several spells but also commented on the very strange stories writ between the passages of magic. One, he claimed was a prophesy identical to the one they had found in the book of vile darkness. These dark tales repeatedly referenced the shadow that would taint the land and the dragon which would save the world. But, also hinted at a more secret darkness yet veiled. After this unsettling exchange, Morwen gathered her things to show her friends the book.

Amalia and Verity walked to the temple of Pelor where Verity sequestered herself in her rooms. Amalia waited for her friends to re-gather at the temple and when Ford finally made his way to Pelor’s house, they both plied the acolytes for additional healing to refresh them fully. The acolytes did not ask payment but instead preached the word of Pelor to them in a different kind of payment. Ford and Amalia took a brief trip out of the temple to retrieve bottled drinks and light Amalia’s pipe. They drank and smoked in the currently unused chapel in a rebellious irreverent display.

Shortly after they returned, Morwen entered and produced her new spell book. She suggested they take a look at it as there were several languages that she hadn’t sussed out. She suggested that Ford as a traveled man might know one or more languages in the text. He traded her beer for book and began to look it over. While Morwen looked for her own healing from the temple, Ford translated several more cryptic prophecies like the one she had uncovered with Niac. Ford read the foreboding text in a shaky voice and suggested they address the others with this concern as soon as possible.

The keepers of the temple flatly refused to rouse Verity from prayer to speak to Amalia, Ford and Morwenbut agreed to take a message to her as soon as she was available. Ford, being most concerned with the dire prophecies conveyed his surprisingly scary insistence that they deliver the message discreetly. That done, they all retired to the Raven to await everyone gathering.

The group made themselves comfortable in the taproom while Aran returned to begin his cooking experiment in the back. Amalia continued to fight her lungs with her pipe while Morwen keenly observed Ford’s odd activity. Ford took up a seat at the hearth and began to play and sing in an odd fashion alternating between the lyrics of songs and the incantations of his magic in an attempt to set new spells to old songs.

Once everyone had had their fill of their leisure activities the room had emptied and the door closed for the night. Aran returned to the taproom and Morwenasked if he knew the language in the last untranslated passage of the book. He, using the guidance of his faith, read the book and filled the others in on the final passage. It spoke of a false book which would be conquered and that while that would pass, the true book would seek to control the dragon and savior for itself. The wake of speculation began to froth over what this new development could mean but was interrupted by the door slamming open and a chill evening wind blowing in.

A red clad unshod Hoskin entered the Silver Raven, his left hand tucked into his right armpit, his head hung low, his hair filthy and matted hanging over his face. His right hand dropped a bag on the floor, spilling parcels on the inn’s wooden boards and went to cradle the stump of his left hand. He turned his blood matted face to the startled friends – the hair matted down his face mingled in blood from his left eye socket, the eye gone. Aran barely made it to catch the man as he collapsed. Aran carried the unconscious Hoskin upstairs to attempt to heal him, while Amalia and Morwenset about securing the inn. Ford informed the staff before scooping up the bag, noticing as he did that each parcel had the names of different members of their group scrawled on the wrapped parcels. Hoskin although healing, did not wake from Aran’s ministrations. The party settled in to wait, watch and worry.

38 - Smuggler's Cove
"It's a rock, it doesn't have any vulnerable spots!"
Smuggler’s Cove

Event Info
Thanks Bryce for the write up!


The sword wielding cultist deftly strikes Ulrich and Morwen. Ford gathers his courage and steps back and begins to whistle a lilting tune. The party’s pulse begins to quicken to the beat of the song. Amalia fires a couple of arrows in rapid succession at the granite behemoth. One glances off of its chest. The other strikes home, but shatters against its rocky exterior. There is a quick intake of breath as a arrow appears in Ford’s arm. Verity whispers a quick prayer and is suddenly clad in resplendent armor. She approaches the monster as it smashes her with a hay-maker. Morwen dispatches the last cultist in a flurry of blades. Aran unleashes a few kicks at the monster only dislodging a few pebbles from its crust. Ulrich begins to cast a spell and his skin takes on the same appearance as the parties foe. Ford begins to belt out a spell and Aran begins to grow larger. Amalia begins to change her form, assuming the same shape as the rock creature. The rock focuses his attention on Aran who deftly avoids his crush blows. Morwen begins to sing of song of valor and courage to inspire the party to greater heroics. Ulrich backs away from the rock monster and with an adroit motion has retrieved and begun to quaff a potion from his robes. Ford makes a throwing motion and a cloud of dust appears, though it reveals nothing. Rockalia walks forward and slams her smaller rock arms into the legs of the large rock golem, to no effect. Verity begins hammering at the monster with her mace. Morwen has maneuvered herself to the other side and is using her sword to the best of its ability. Some rocks have been chipped away, but the rock elemental stands tall. Ulrich begins an incantation in a low rumbling voice and his hands begin to crackle with the glow of an electric energy. Ford does a bell kick and appears next to the pile of rocks his cane in hand. In a brisk movement he has unsheathed his weapon struck and re-sheathed it. Ulrich charges up the stairs finding a small alcove. A pair of archers panic from their prone positions revealing themselves. Ulrich throws the stored energy in his hands out in a crackle of lighting that envelopes them both, reducing them to ashes in the blink of an eye. The rest of the party continues to to assault the golem, though they are beginning to find it slightly easier. Ford’sweapon has begun to glow with a purple light and the golem’s granite body seems to be becoming a weaker substance. The floor is becoming littered with chunks of rock as the party slowly whittles it down. Amalia seeing that her rock body is having little effect transforms her body into a billowing air elemental. Airmalia surrounds the golem in an attempt to lift his legs and trip him, but he is too well grounded. Finally the final blow is dealt and the golem falls to pieces in a heap of rock and sand.

Ford dashes forward, hunting for something only he knows. Aran quick follows in pursuit. The rest of the party begins to search for any clues as to who could have left such a grisly scene.

37 - The Fate of Captain Blackbeard
Well, more gray than black, and bushy!
The Fate of Captain Blackbeard

Event Info
Thanks Jen for the write up!

Morwen kept her promise to follow up with Jadel. She informed her that Blackbeard was not fond of using the traditional black market entrances and typically used one that was located off the coast.

The party met up at Silver Raven where Ulrich is introduced to Verity. Ulrich asks about Lindy and Morwen informs him that they had attempted to locate her to give her a mace but they were told she had left town, so they left the mace with Tobias just in case she came back to town and might see him.

The friends talk about what they discovered at the cemetery and Ulrich informs him he had also heard of Zygor. They catch up on the information about the Excelsior. That it was carrying something, an artifact that was enclosed in a crate with nails that had runes etched into them. While Morwen and Verity explain what they found off the coast during their excursion with Flanagan. Ford hands Aran a copy of the runes he remembered and Aran sat for a while looking at them, then suddenly started reading off some of what they said. Verity says that some of the meanings sound like something from a cult, that could possibly be evil. Morwen shares that some of it reminds her of old folktales that parents would tell children to get them to behave.

They hem and haw over what to do next, Ulrich shares that he discovered with the right persuasion, Flanigan might be willing to share the exact location of the cave entrance. However they agree that those of the correct sex were not interested in becoming a plaything for him and they could find the entrance without him.

The trouble was where would they find a boat? Aran looks at Ulrich and proposes that he approach Hoskin about possibly procuring that for them. Ulrich asks Wendy if she can let Hoskin know the party needs to confer with him. He walks over and Ulrich informs him of their predicament.

Hoskin looks at Ulrich, “I would only entrust this to my closest of friends. Take this raven and place it in water. Once you’ve done that say the word ‘schwan’ and it will transform into a boat. Good luck.”

The party agrees to meet back at the Raven in the morning. They go their separate ways. In the morning Ford, Morwen and Amalia visit Lysander at different times procuring various potions. Ulrich visits the tailor and Jasker.

Meanwhile Aran has completed cooking breakfast at the Raven, creating a most delicious dish of eggs benedict or florentine. The party feels significantly better after eating. Morwen even licks her plate clean. Ulrich in his new fine robes with beautifully woven snakes on the sleeves, informs Morwen and Amalia that an old friend has reappeared and is working down at the docks. There was a moment of rage when Morwen thought perhaps it was Shandrela, but Ulrich seeing the emotions running across her face informed her it was Komek. Relief spread over her and she asked how he was doing. Apparently well for himself and was keeping good company. The conversation turns to the plans for the day and Ford pipes up that Lysander has water breathing potions. The group agrees it is time to head out. Everyone but Ulrich heads to Gulps of Gholien. He heads to his home briefly to change out of his fine robes.

They meet down at the docks in a remote location and perform the magic that transforms the raven into a boat. Ford prepares the boat for sailing and they head out to find the cave entrances. They find an inlet within a dark shadowy place. They land and disembark and Ulrich turns the boat back into a raven and pockets the item. Aran asks if he could possibly look at it more closely and Ulrich says he would rather do that with Hoskin present. They move forward into the cavern and are faced with the choice of continuing on land or swimming. They choose to swim, Aran chose to walking the ceiling. Ford has a feather in his cap that appears to light the way along with Ulrich’s spear tip. They swim, some with more difficulty than others. Suddenly a porpoise appears alongside Verity, helping her on her way. They continue for a time, Morwen and Ulrich making it to shore, when suddenly Amalia’s head disappears under water. Just before she feels a burning, painful sensation in her calf, and she’s bleeding. Something has hold of her. Ford dives under and touches a creature, powerful with scales. Morwen drinks a potion pulls her rapier out and dives into the water. Verity shoots a powerful and bright ray of light into the water. It strikes the creature and she is able to see that it has four powerful limbs, a large mouth and a tail. Morwen sinks her rapier into it’s shoulder. It bites down harder on Amalia’s leg refusing to let it’s meal escape. Ford hits a soft spot on the creature and it bleeds profusely. Ulrich suddenly appears in a different place in the cavern. Aran drops down from the ceiling into the water and kicks the creature and white streaks of light strike the creature as he kicks, Amalia feels more pain each time he kicks it. Ford strikes the creature another time and suddenly it releases Amalia and starts sinking to the bottom of the cavern tainting the water with blood. Morwen and Verity tend to Amalia’s wounds. Ulrich dives under the water and re-surfaces with two feet from the creature.

After ensuring that Amalia was tended the group moves forward through the cavern with Ulrich leading the way. They turn a corner and find three humanoid figures attempting to retrieve beer from a cask unsuccessfully. They can see it appears to be two elves and one human, that should be lying dead, not walking. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light around Verity and the undead; all that remains is what they were holding and wearing. Morwen takes the well crafted wooden mug and Aran takes a long coat, pockets an eyepatch and puts on a tri-corn hat. They find a rickety wooden bridge in the cavern and cross it without difficulty. Ulrichcan feel on his tongue a taste of ash, blood and something foul.

Once across the bridge the adventurers discover an encampment with bodies and a fire that has been out for some time. Searching the area they find only minimal money and treasure, there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary in this area aside from the dead men. Ulrich standing at the entrance to another area gets pushed out of the way as Ford runs through the entrance as if on a mission. He inspects a crate and then moves to a fire.


The party enters the area after him. Morwen looks at a couple bodies, seeing that a left eye and the left hands are removed she draws her weapons. Ford moves towards the other end of the cavern. Verity says some words, and suddenly the room erupts into chaos. A rock dissolves in front of Ford and reforms as a large creature. Two men wearing robes appear in the room. Amalia lets arrows loose and one man falls to the floor but not before striking out at Ford. Morwen feels a pain in her shoulder as she’s struck by an arrow, enraged she runs and strikes the man nearest Ulrich. A divine light comes down from the heavens and strikes the creature. Ulrich says some words and a light dust puffs off from the beast…

36b - Tower Draconis
The Money Pit
Tower Draconis

Event Info
Thanks Austin for the write up!

Ok so there were a few occurrences:
- I have a tower and through the intervention of the statue, Hoskin appears less a sycophant and more believing.
- Armor soon ready (Next sesh)
- Fine clothing being made
- Looking for Hounds
- Checked the boat and found nothing
- Saw Gnoshi about Zigor (party already exhumed)
- Missed Flannigan (white caps) since he’s out with the Party
- Met Jadel about the Black market and smuggler’s cove
- Found Komek at Drunken Urchin after getting rumor from Lankus


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