Campaign of the Month: July 2018

Morwindl | Rising Tide

0 - Prologue

In the beginning...

The Island of Morwindl

You find yourselves in the kingdom of Morwindl; a rather large kingdom, made governable simply because it is resides on a large island of the same name. Near the center of the island, sitting on a crossroads is Ryndanhaven. The town lies on the Plains of Landgut in the shadow of the Mountains of Escindia. Ryndanhaven is a good sized town of approximately 5000 souls spread over the joining of two major roadways. Some might call it backwater due to its size and remote location, but the high rate of travel allows Ryndanhaven to prosper even when hard times set upon Morwindl. The heart of the town is it’s marketplace in the town square. On one of the many walls you find a map of the kingdom.

This is my first attempt at writing a campaign. In fact, I’ve never completed a campaign, or even gotten a character past level 13. I fully expect that you will find things here you don’t like. I’m sure that I will not account for nearly enough spells or other special abilities that classes have, as I am simply not aware of them or how they work.

This campaign is written for brand new level 1 characters. I am attempting to draw them into a medieval world without a lot of fantastical beings, but as the campaign progresses, more and more of the D&D universe will be introduced into a standard historical setting. I am originally allowing only the ‘core’ rules; however, after a few levels and at a player request, I will work with them to allow non-core classes or feats, etc. I give bonus experience points to characters that do good characterization, and I give side quests that are not obviously identified that give non-standard rewards (bonus feats, improved NPC relations, etc.).

That said, no more apologies. I’ve done my best and I think it is pretty great. I tried to keep things as organized and logical as possible, as you move through the wikis. If you aren’t one of my players and find this interesting or useful, I would love to hear about it!


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