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Morwindl | Rising Tide

2-01: Outpacing the Opalbellys

Can the lost mine of the Wendelver Pact actually be uncovered?

Sunday the 2nd of Planting, 13DF.

Our group of adventurers (loosely bound by communal dream) arrives at Kroejer’s Well in search of an uncertain heading. In the Wayfarer’s Rest they meet person (that one guy) that welcomes them and seats them at a table similar to what some other notable adventurers had sat at before a fire destroyed the old establishment.

He introduces the travelers to a sullen, quiet shape in a chair and calls him Niac Drakced. Apparently a wordless, and sad visage of what he once was (whatever that may have been).

As the discussions continue, rumors are shared with and amongst the group of travelers. The young bar back comes and goes in turn, often with drink and less often with post for certain members of the table.

As discussions turn serious, the group decides to attempt to get to the Wendelver mine before the Opalbellys. The decision mostly came about due to the unceasing insults by Rorik of how moronic the Opalbelly Clan is. That, and Kirkwell and Rorik have a friend in Wende.

The Party leaves the Rest, as there are still a few hours of daylight left. The hope being that they can camp outside the Haunted wood (shown on the table at the bar) and walk straight through it in the daylight hours. After all, who wants to spend the night in haunted wilderness?

Moonday the 3rd of Planting, 13DF.

Our intrepids rise early, those that stood watch none the worse for wear. They travel in a tight group through the wood, Rorik and Kirkwell on instruments.

After a long day of travel, the group sets up camp in a clearing as the sun begins to set. A soft trickle can be heard from the nearby river as they prepare for rest (after a guard watch order had been established, of course. Rorik, Kirkwell, Edward).

That night passed uneventfully. Or, almost…

Godsday the 4th of Planting, 13DF.

Edward can’t shake it. He hears the sounds of scratching in the early morning hours. As he approaches the nearby rock out cropping, it gets louder.

He rouses the rest. Sad news for our reptilian friend; she was sleeping in her armor and awoke fatigued.

As they all get into position, Edward notices that this rock out cropping appears to be a collapsed mine. The opening being incredibly narrow. With his shield in front, Edward charges the narrow corridor. Arrows whiz by, some directly hit his shield.

The cavern eventually widens and the rest follow headlong into the fray. The undead being put down with great ease by our fearless band.

Then come the questions: What happened here? How was there a collapse? What turned these…well, what appear to be miners into undead wretches?

As they leave the cavern full of questions, they exit into the crisp morning air. And looking toward their camp, they see a bear of titanic proportions, next to what appears to be a woman. Could it be…?


Event Info

I had a really fun time, and I hope to do more sessions like this one!

2-01: Outpacing the Opalbellys

Thanks @Rurik2006 for the write up!

2-01: Outpacing the Opalbellys
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