Campaign of the Month: July 2018

Morwindl | Rising Tide

2-07: A Grateful Town

and being hunted on the road.

Brief Summary:

Our heroes are feasted and revered in a late Growing Festival celebration. Cautiously hopeful about the future of the town, the townsfolk are able to provide directions to a druid, likely to know the location of what they seek. They set upon the road, only to find themselves chased by a squad of bugbears.

Watersday the 5th of Planting, 13DF.

Return and revel in Wende

Watersday the 6th of Planting, 13DF.

Head out for Thundertree, hunted on the road


My favorite moment was the group fleecing of Harbin – I almost wish Edward or Sildar had been present! :-)

2-07: A Grateful Town
Bortas Bortas

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