Campaign of the Month: July 2018

Morwindl | Rising Tide

2-15: Stirges in the Dark

and the fungus among us

Brief Summary:

Discovered the main entry to the mining complex and a cave infested with myconids.

Watersday the 12th of Planting, 13DF.

TBD cleared out an infestation of stirges near the entry to the mining complex, found evidence of an ancient battle and parts of an old map. Faced with the question of how to even locate the forge they were looking for, they followed a tunnel into a weird glowing cave. Inside the cave, they faced a spore-laced challenge and came out of it somewhat winded. Having laid the myconids to rest, the group opted to catch their breath in the now-quiet cavern. Their rest ended with a disconcerting whispered voice, “Save my family.”


While I thought the stirge fight had a certain amount of levity and fun to it, I was also rather tickled to see the group problem solve through how to even go about finding their goal. I think the compartmentalized maps may be part of that?

2-15: Stirges in the Dark
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