Amalia, Nature's Avenger

Wrathful servant of nature, loves vegans hates industry.


The weathered complexion of her arms speaks volumes to long hours spent in the sun. Something undeniably sinister about her puts you on edge, alert for trouble. Unafraid to speak her mind, even speaking in third person.


Possesses a side spike of Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power.

Sigil of Amalia

Amalia never returned to civilized society, always in search of perhaps someone she knew from her destroyed village. The forced solitude drove her as mad as the spear spike did. She wanders the countryside in search of a perceived wrong doing to vanquish, nay, punish. Slaughtering hunters who simply killed deer to feed their home, or tearing down bridges, civilization being the bane of nature. There are many a professed vegan when she is on a nearby rampage.

“Dance like the Maiden, laugh like the Mother, think like the Crone.”


Amalia, Nature's Avenger

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