Season 1 - Aran

Nimble fast-talker, always with his fingers in a pot of food.


Born in Geweldig Mesto to a minor noble household had its perks. One of which was having most things given to him freely. Anything a child of 6 could ask for was his to command. Unfortunately it also came with the hidden downsides of the “proper” folk. No elbows on the table, bowing and currying for favor when his father commanded, and also the expectation that he would one day take over the small shipping enterprise his father had managed to build. They shipped spices from Geweldig Mesto to every corner of Morwindl, but primarily Oosterville and Ostenbaas. Where they went from there was something his father knew not to ask about, but everyone had their suspicions. Aaron frequently accompanied his father on the more leisurely trips as it was deemed a good learning experience for when he was to take over. It was on one of these trips that 8 year old Aaron discovered something he enjoyed doing. Cooking. His father was negotiating a deal with a fellow sea merchant and had left Aaron below decks amongst the staff. An older gentleman sized him up and quickly put him to work. The fast paced monotony of the potato cutting was something that Aaron had never experienced before.

It was a controlled franticness that everyone around him seemed to wade through like it was second nature. This was something that made sense. This was something that had immediate effects on those around him. It was then that he made his decision to become a cook, and unbeknownst to him it was also the moment when his family name started to be stripped from him.

He began to spend all the time he could get away from his father down in the galley. His father seemed distracted and paid him no mind. The men began to refer to him as Soide as he seemed to rise before they had even woken, always awaiting them asking more questions. The older man, that everyone referred to as “Old Man”, continued his tutelage. Helping him learn the quickest way to slice an onion, debone a fish, and other assorted things that you learn to muscle memory from years of experience. The old man took note of how quickly Aaron picked things up and began to give him greater challenges whenever possible.

The trip seemed to take longer than ever before with the captain piloting strange courses and a seemingly indirect course. All of this was fine to Aaron as he got to spend more time learning this new fascinating craft. Unfortunately it was all to end in an abrupt crash.

A ship was seen approaching from the east and a quick pace, quicker than they could match. They knew they would be soon over taken. The captain began to jettison anything they could an effort to gain speed. In their mad dash the captain didn’t see the rocks in time to avoid them. It was a minor hit but it was enough to throw Aaron from the deck where he was watching the approaching ship with his father. As he fell he heard his father command the ship onward.

He awoke on a small outcropping of rock. A small pile of sea rations had been left in a pile next to him. Aside from the sound of the water lapping up side of the rock it was quiet, though he was not alone. Seeing that he had woken he was approached by the Old Man. He explained that his father had fled with the pirate ship in quick pursuit, but he had dived in to save him knowing that he would not make it without help. He had his share of the rations on the other side of the rock. They should keep watch on either side and try not to waste much energy. This is a shipping lane, but not one used frequently.

For 20 days Aaron pushed on, finishing his small supply of rations and drinking the water that seemed to fall every few days. 25 more days passed until he was at his breaking point. He needed food. He crawled to where the Old Man was. His large sack still seemed to be full to the bursting point. Tears streamed down his face when he thought of how much food the Old Man had while he was left with nothing. He grabbed a sharp rock as he crawled, intending on slicing open the bag and eating anything he could find while the Old Man’s back was turned.

As he sliced into the bag a stream of gold coins fell out. The Old Man slowly turned his head. Tears streamed down Aaron’s face when he realized what had happened. The Old Man had given him all of the food to keep him alive. It was then a ship finally came into view. As they boarded the ship the Old Man explained that his father was in league with the pirates. He paid them to harass other merchants, while letting his own go unmolested. The pirates had wanted a bigger cut though and his Father fled so that he would be in a better position to negotiate with them. This money was supposed to go to the pirates, but instead it would go to a better cause.

The Old Man explained that he was from a monastery on an island to the east. He would take Aaron with him if he wished to learn more of his ways. If he didn’t he would pay for his passage home. Aaron decided to go with him though he knew it would be difficult. They made their way by boat paid for out of the sack of treasure.

There he learned the ways of self defense and discipline. Everyone was expected to help out by doing whatever they could. What Aaron could do was cook, not well at the beginning, but that came with time. Everyone had their own way of meditation and devotion and they were encouraged to explore those paths. Most were focused on hands on creating of things. There were woodcarvers, weavers, blacksmiths, and even a few archivists.

Aaron wanted to cook. He wanted to help others not have to go through what he did. No one around him would starve if he had any power to stop it. He began collecting local recipes and methods of cooking all the local ingredients. He would trade a meal for a story about foods and ingredients from far across the continent. It was always after these tales that Aaron began to dream. Dreams of walking collecting all the recipes, helping those in need, cooking for king and peasant alike. He told the Old Man about these dreams and he only nodded knowingly.

For 15 years he stayed at the Monastery of the Open Hand. The dreams increasing in number. The yearning to explore and help others growing. Until one day he was approached by the Old Man. The Old Man explained to him that for some a quiet life in solitude where they could perfect the craft was what they needed, but for others the need to practice their craft and perfect themselves in the wide world was stronger than the stillness of the monastery. The Old Man gave him a small token to remember him by and sent him on his way.

“Goodbye Aaron, til we next meet again may you be safe and bring solace to those you meet.”
“Call me Aran Soide. Aaron Genovian died in the ocean where his father left him”

Now called Aran, he has wandered from town to town, cooking for a small pittance and helping out where he can. He wants to fill his journal with recipes of all kinds from all locales so that others can eat well with whatever they have available.

 Season 1 - Aran

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