Season 1 - Duncan Rillash

Weathered exterior with intelligent eyes.


Quiet, with a good eye for strategy and the confident words of a teacher. Duncan singlehandedly transformed Ryndanhaven’s rag-tag guards into a professional fighting and peace-keeping force.

First born of the noble house of Rillash, Duncan gave up his lord-ship upon reaching adulthood. The noble life never captured his interest, he was more interested in helping to defend his fellow man. His younger brother, Emril did his best to continue the family’s honorable tradition, without any formal training. Duncan joined the city guard, and rose in rank to captain of Ryndanhaven, and was a linchpin in the defense of the beleaguered city.

First met the party after they confronted and killing Emril, Duncan helped to train them anyway, recognizing his brother’s folly for what it was. While grateful for the return of the family’s heirloom sword, Duncan is no fool, he knows the party had something to do with manor house burning to the ground.


 Season 1 - Duncan Rillash

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