Ford the Fancy

Impeccably dressed, but no clothes will ever fit his skeletal frame well.


Shockingly skinny, so much so that in certain light, he has the appearance of a skeleton. He acts without sense or thought at any time, even if it would mean suicide – he’s already died once. Ford has constant feelings of pride and entitlement, while he sneers, looking down his nose.


Possesses the butt spike of Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power.

Sigil of Ford

With such a long established history of being an honest pirate, Ford found the smuggling of dangerous cargo into a populated space reprehensible – he only smuggled safe goods that people enjoyed, and only hurt them a little. He took to the seas, and for the first time in centuries, the sign of the jolly roger was flown publicly. He controls most of the coastline, and given his history with Godqueen Verity, he seems beyond reproach.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”


Ford the Fancy

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