Season 1 - Hendel Ironforge

Stocky, middle aged dwarf blacksmith.


His thick dwarven hair has a color that is hard to identify, due to the soot of the forge, it is equally difficult to tell where the hair of his head ends and the impressive beard begins. Stocky, muscular, even for a Dwarf, Hendel has a surprisingly gentle touch that is plain to see when he interacts with his daughter.

His wife bled out during childbirth, but he remains devoted to his young daughter Kesta. He works the forge and cares for his daughter and avoids drinking and whoring, trying to carve the best life he can for her.

Ever cautious, he heeded Niac Drakced’s advice early, and was able to pack everything of import in his shop and home before the fall of Ryndanhaven. Since arriving in the citadel, he works odd jobs, waiting for his guild membership to go through so he can re-open the Ironforge.

Was the hammer that forged the wandering travelers into a cohesive party, and has been their ally since the rescue of Kesta.

 Season 1 - Hendel Ironforge

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