Season 1 - Kasier

Wears robes and leans on his quartstaff, a small crossbow hangs from his hip.


I grew up in Porta Ponte with what I guess you would call an easy life. With a silver spoon in my mouth I was able to get almost anything I wanted. But yet I wanted more. My parents of course wondered why I would have ever wanted more but they didn’t understand. I wanted to travel the world and be better then any normal Nobel. I got lucky when I was 10 and noticed I was able to make bright flashes of light explode from my hands. Of course I used this to great effect at parties and people I didn’t like. I was experimenting and caught a table on fire when attempting to light a candle from across the room. My parents took me to the local healer in an attempt to “cure” me. The healer noticed my talents and put me in touch with a sorcerer in the area. He thought me how to control my abilities as well as the ways of the staff and crossbow. At 18 I decided I learned all I could from my master, grabbed a few gold coins to get supplies and my best blue robes and walked out of town eager to travel the world and become one of the best sorcerers the world has ever seen.

Kasier was a key factor in forming our ragtag heroes into a cohesive team, helping them investigate and end the plot of a powerful necromancer. After the destruction of Ryndanhaven, Kasier traveled with the group to their new home in the Citadel. he stayed with them a short time, but with no obvious threat to combat, the promise of teachings from Mylor Orvid, the temple lured him away from the adventuring life.


 Season 1 - Kasier

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