Season 1 - Kathryn

Pretty redheaded 22 year old barmaid.


Flirty and outgoing, she prefers to be in the front of the inn, taking care of the customers and hearing all the latest gossip. Ever since the passing of her mom, she makes a point of being extra cheerful, trying to keep the spirits of her family up, despite the tragedy. With the latest setback and move, she seems adrift.

Batrim’s daughter, Emileanna’s sister. Worked at her father’s inn, the Wayfarer’s Rest until it burned to the ground, along with the rest of Ryndanhaven. She followed the party north west to Citadel of Udkig along with the rest of her family.

With no real direction in the new city, she seems utterly bored, not her usual outgoing self. Can often be found cleaning things for our party out of sheer boredom.


 Season 1 - Kathryn

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