Season 1 - Lysander

Stooped, crazy old man, handy with potions and other liquids.


Hard of hearing, often speaks too loudly, or asks the speaker to repeat themselves. Stooped from constantly bending over, it is not unusual to find him stop in the midst of a crowd to bend over and examine this plant or that. Doesn’t really like waiting for customers in his shop, Gulps from Gholein, so instead he will often be discussing history or current events with his best friend, Batrim.

Not one to talk about his past much, its hard to track down exactly where he comes from. When engaged, he often gets distracted, changing subjects as new topics occur to him. It is known he originates from the mainland, migrating to the island, following new plants for him to examine. At Batrim and Niac’s request, he uprooted his business from Tweeregar to aid the party and bring a book the party needed to pursue the Grandmother. Attacked on the way, the party was called upon to retrieve the book – and his precious potion supplies.

With the razing of Ryndanhaven, Lysander traveled with the party to the Citadel of Udkig. With the help of Shandrela, he has aquired a shop and is rebuilding his stock so he can re-open.


 Season 1 - Lysander

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