Season 1 - Morwen

Slight and outspoken, loves to carry a large variety of gear.


Morwen has slight build, she’s rather short. She has beautiful short red hair and striking green eyes. She never knows what will be useful and tends to try to carry more than she can handle. Her weapons of choice are two magical rapiers and a special long bow. In her pack she always has her lock picking tools available. She doesn’t carry an instrument to sing as she discovered she does well enough just with her voice.


Morwen grew up in the forests of Silva Wood. She was the oldest of 7 children, frequently in charge of keeping an eye on them, as her father had died in a war after her youngest sibling was born.

One day when Morwen was 20 elven years old her mother Morgana, heard a beautiful melody coming from inside the house. She went in to investigate. To her delight she discovered it was Morwen singing to her baby sister Camilla to calm her; it was then that Morgana realized Morwen had inherited her talent and could become trained as a bard. Her mother started her initial training and Morwen was 34 elven years old her mother sent her off to Bardic training with the masters of the village.

Morwen trained for years at school and spent time learning to sing for different purposes. She loved to learn about everything and enjoyed being more of a jack of all trades than a master of one. She was an excellent student, with great talent, but was told frequently that she needed to learn focus.

While in school word came that her young sister Camilla had fallen in with a nasty gang of humans. Morgana was concerned for Camilla and had pleaded with Morwen to come home. She chose to stay at school as she felt she knew her sister and it was likely that Morgana was overreacting. One day she saw her mother, and it was clear on her face that something terrible had happened. Camilla and her “friends” were generally being a nuisance in Granwald, but one day things went too far and a youngster started goading the wrong person. The altercation ended with several young elves and humans dead, one the elves was her sister. Her sister’s death took a toll on Morwen. She felt guilt for not coming home and loss over her beloved sibling.

From then on she became the protector of the youngest bards and watched over many of them keeping them out of trouble and harm. She has a great love of children and will do just about anything for them, and is very worried about youngsters who have fallen away from the path of goodness.

As a part of training, she was sent to Granwald to perform and be rated by the master of the local guild. While there she was witness to a local man stealing food from one of the farms she was staying at. She stopped him before he was caught by the farmer and asked why he felt the need to steal and what the punishment would be. He explained that times were lean and his young children needed food.

He went on to implore her to not turn him in as the punishment in this particular town was death, regardless of circumstance. She went to the farmer that he had stolen the food from and left generous restitution without explaining why. The farmer delighted with money, did not ask any questions. She went with the man to his home (to verify his story) and discovered his small children were near starving to death. They looked like little scarecrows.

She bid farewell to the farmer and his family. She offered to stay with the would-be thief, Jordan for the remainder of her stay in town as the guild would pay for her costs while there. He was grateful to her for her kindness and overjoyed at the gold he would receive for allowing her to stay there. Jordan explained to Morwen that his wife Jaenelle had died the year before and he was in such despair he had found it difficult to find the strength to work. She offered to care for his children and help him find work in the town. She became very fond of his little ones Marcus and Nelia, teaching them songs. His young son liked to sing and Morwen found that he had a talent for it and offered to assist in getting him to the school for training.

It was then she also realized that decent people can break the law and still be good people. She noted that the man had broken the law, but he had done so to feed his starving family. She was faced with the reality that the law may not always be right. It was this philosophy that brought her to the choice to train as a rogue. Skills such as sneaking and opening locks could come in handy, when doing things such as stealing from the corrupt magistrate to give money to the local church helping the orphans.

The master bard at Granwald gave her glowing reviews of not only her abilities, but her dealings with the local people. He had known what she did for the family. And not one person had a bad word for her. He was curious though that a thief stealing only from the corrupt nobles had suddenly appeared while Morwen was there and that the attacks stopped once she left. But knowing that Morwen had good in her heart, and that those particular nobles could function very well without the extra wealth, he had shared his thoughts of the matter only with Morwen. Who walked away with a slight smirk on her face.

Once back at school she received high honors as new bard and sent her off into the great wide world. She ventured on to Ryndanhaven where she came to the aid of a dwarf in search of his missing daughter. She joined up with some other adventurers and the rest is history…


 Season 1 - Morwen

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