Morwen the Merciless

Known for her fiery red hair and disdainful sneer.


Thin, slender fingers, seem to delicately touch and caress everything she comes near. Efficient and practiced movements make you instantly aware that you are in the presence of ruthless killer. A distinct lack of empathy mark her invasions of another’s physical space.


Possesses a side spike-1 of Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power.

Sigil of Morwen

Surprising no one, Morwen retired to the orphanage and took over the Thieves Guild. She took extra time with their education, ensuring they could defend themselves if attacked. Later, she taught them skills like pick-pocketing, because who knew when they could fall in need of a few coppers to eat. Now, the children learn how to fight and kill efficiently, quietly, invisible beings at the bottom of society. Her children eliminated the bulk of the Assassins Guild’s roster in one night. Today, her scorpion-sigiled hit-children-thieves have the city under the cloak of fear.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”


Morwen the Merciless

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