Season 1 - Niac Drakced

Wizened old man, knows a little about everything.


Time bests us all, eventually, but gives us the gift of knowledge. Niac is constantly asking after books, or telling stories to a small audience. He enjoys hearing the stories from adventurers to add to his collection. Occasionally mumbles to himself, as if having an internal argument, or recalling some old tale. Seems to always knowing a little bit about everything, and can generally give a person a clue or direction in how to proceed. He can often be found at the town well, or at his favorite inn with a few close friends. His adventuring days over, Niac does his best for the greater good by providing direction to those capable of changing the fate of the world. Its clear that Niac has been there and done that. While he never uses this as a tool to mock others, rather, he uses his extensive background to help point the way, or provide insight into mysterious objects. If you ask him specifically, chances are pretty good he has been there, or seen it. Stumping Niac can be a difficult task. Often times, people will mistake his lack of an answer as lack of knowledge, but those who know him well know this means that he is unwilling to make a choice for someone, preferring they have the opportunity to make a good decision for themselves. First met our party at the beginning of our campaign, and has helped guide their path ever since.


 Season 1 - Niac Drakced

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