Season 1 - Rad'v

Short and talkative carrying an obscene amount of gear.


Languages: elven, goblin, Orc, common, gnome
Age: 75
Race: Gnome
Weight: 41lbs
Height: 3 foot 4 inches
Hair : Red
Eyes: Green

A bard that enjoys travel all too much. When unable to afford passage on the ship of her desire, she hides in the cargo. Due to her tiny size she goes unnoticed more often then not. Her destinations are always determined by the rumors she hears in what ever bar or inn that she passes at any given time. Singing her music to keep travelers entertained and unaware of her intentions, she gathers information like a sponge and utilizes it for her own ends. Not as selfish as the rest of her people have come to be, she took in the arts of Cleric in her travels. Assisting the needy, curing the sick and damning the evil. Her small structure makes her seem frail and gentle, but she is strong in her small way with her morning star, cross bow and bag of magical tricks.

Claiming loyalty to none, but staying true to all. She maintains her peoples tendencies to acquire more items then are required for their survival and see everyone with a leery eye. The people of her mountain grew too greedy – even for her. When informed that it was her time to venture out of the mountain to look for things the large people made that would assist them, she took it as the opportunity to leave home for good. Most of her instructors advised against it. No other high born has ever taken it seriously. When informed that they were of age to leave the Mountain and bring back things for their people, they sent a proxy. It was always that way. But she didn’t want it that way. They all grew fat, useless, to ‘smart’ for their own good. She did not hate every thing, her instructors were excellent, they shared her passion for life and desire to make the mountain a better place. They didn’t fight her too hard, they knew they would lose, her father just needed to see that they tried.

Her language instructor: Shanna (Small and wise) was the only one who seemed more excited then anything else. She couldn’t even putt on a show for Radv’s father! This wasn’t uncharacteristic of her, of course. It was well known in the mountain that she regretted never being able to leave the mountain during her time to go, since she was brought in to service of the high borns the same day. It just so happens that day was the day that Radv was born, there fore they have always shared a birthday and spent that time together discussing what Radv should do when the chance comes to her. Shanna never once showed any type of resentment toward Radv for this, even if it was speculated in the mountain.

Her Archery instructor: Yves (Little Archer) voiced that she did not approve of her leaving the mountain, but left it at that. Being the best bow master in the entire mountain, which really isn’t too much to be said, since most of the gnomes snubbed archery for more logical ways to kill in close knit quarters. However, under the tutelage of Yves, Radv grew in to using a bow very well. At times it surprised even Yves. With her fathers permission they were allowed to build the first and only archery range in the entire mountain. This earned Radv a spot in Yves heart for the rest of her days. Being the only person in the mountain who enjoyed archery, Radv became close friends with her teacher when she too developed a taste for it.

Her weapons instructor: Darra (Small great one): stood aside and didn’t say a thing when Radv accepted the duty, but the look on her face spoke volumes in her distaste. As one of the most popular women in the mountain she held much respect. Her fists stronger then steel and her arms faster then a python. She can strike you before you even know she is in the room. The mountain always talked of how the man to finally wed her would be the luckiest man of any mountain with a woman who could protect him and his things, but she married her duty to the high family and responsibility to make sure the daughters would be well rounded warriors, even though the family ended up having only one. Radv looked up to Darra in many ways, but would not ever dream of being like her. Everyone only saw what she did, never heard what she said. Radv heard. Radv respected her as a teacher but was frightened of her as a person.

Her writing instructor: Teragan (Little Poet) started crying uncontrollably and latched on to Radvs sleeve when she made her decision. The water works were flying as she begged and pleaded with Radv not to go. Radv soothed her and made sure that she promised to write about her days out side of the mountain and publish it with dedication to Teragan. She loved her writing instructor. She loved writing! Teragan accepted defeat and wiped her tears away, her thoughts drifting to the dedication and what might be said about her. Radv always had a soft spot for her gentle writing master and her emotional disposition.

Her singing teacher: Miette (Small Sweet Thing) nodded at Radv when she heard the news. Congratulating her on standing on her own and jarring a race all in one fell swoop. She laughed and danced circles around Radv whooping and laughing the whole time. She was a trophy that someone brought back after their time venturing out. Radv didn’t know the specifics but was under the impression that she was a gift to her father from the man who brought her back. Being the only halfling in the entire mountain guaranteed you looks from people in the markets. But being the only halfling in town and the current bed warmer of a high born man guaranteed you scowls and glares. Miette sang songs to Radv and taught her to sing back. She was so beautiful, small, petite, funny and graceful. But with the stories of the outside she was told by Miette, she knew that her instructor was a spitfire who should not be messed with.

Her father Rordan Keegan (little poet king, small flame) was grimacing as his daughter accepted the task. This was not right, she was his last remaining child and he would not have any of it! He would speak with her in private. This is not how a highborn daughter should be. But it was too late, once she accepted the task, she was to leave that day. Keeping a good show in front of the people who gathered to celebrate Radvs day – he politely acknowledged her words. He created a speech in seconds about how it was so brave of his only daughter to brave the outside world, how she will be the first high born in generations to leave the mountain. He addressed the down cast faces of the group of girls who were initially gathered for Radv to choose as her proxy and informed them that one day, their day will come and the duty will fall on them to leave the mountain for the great search. A true leader, sweet talker, what ever you would like to call him – the girls were happy and the crowd was cheering.

She had a bag ready and Shanna brought it to her when it was time. Radv spent the last few hours she had in the mountain with her instructors who had basically raised her.

Before she left the mountain, her father approached her. He lectured her about the importance of her blood line and how he personally picked out nothing but female teachers for her to ease the passing of her mother. He was furious and asked if this was her plan all along? Did she hate him? Was this his repayment for making sure she had everything?

Rad’v said nothing, slung her bag over her shoulder and left.

The big world is not meant for the small. It is not comfortable nor accommodating. However, she would rather be with the big people then her own any day. They are not so bad. Being raised on stories of the cruelty and stupidity of the larger beings, she came out of her world ready to hate it. Keeping herself on her toes with her quick wit and making sure she knew how to out maneuver anything and everything that could come at her.

Joined with strangers to search for missing children, Rad’v was a person the party struggled to understand. Mixed loyalties, unreliable and then overzealous, they never knew what to make of the little pack-rat. Met her end, ultimately alone, in the streets of Citadel of Udkig at the hands of former friends. Thus a scatterbrained gnome’s journey ended…


 Season 1 - Rad'v

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