Rorik Steadyhand

Walks with a friendly saunter. A smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Rorik is quick to friendship and trust, but just as easily could turn to anger and coldness. He carries his lute on his back and is dressed in fine black leather.




Hailing from the mountainhold of Karak Izor (the Copper City), Rorik was to be apprenticed to his father one of the holds leading greensmiths. It was known that he was the adopted son of Durok Heavyhand, but it was never in question that as the eldest he was going to inherit the his fathers forge. He did passably, but found that working the metal never held his attention long. He was more fond of wandering down dark tunnels and gathering at the Inn to hear the stories of the folk traveling through. It was at the inn, The Cuprum Dragon, that he fell in love with the lute. He began shirking off his studies of metal work and began composing music for the notes he heard, though he didnt know their names. After more than a year of trying his father finally gave up. Rorik while being an apt pupil, didn’t have the fire that was needed for the work. Rorik was apprenticed to Devon Oneeye, the local gaffer. Most folk frowned on the glassworks for its fragility, but knew that it was necessary for the transport of many a thing that would eat through the copper that was usually used in their everyday life. Rorik excelled at the finer points, the more delicate work with the thinner glass and the more decorative pieces but teh drudgery of crafting bottle after bottle quickly dulled the shine of glassworking. The days turned to weeks and the weeks to seasons. The time passed and Rorik became more and more skilled at glassworking. His pieces were works of art, though they were just replica’s of sketches he had seen, or still lifes recreated. They lacked the heart and soul of someone creating. That was saved for his music. By day he labored in the hotshop, and by night he labored in the inn. Absorbing all he could from the traveling folk about life on the road, music of far away lands, and people. The people were what Rorik came to want more of. Stories of them, who they were, where they came from, why they came. Everyone was so different and each one had a new and unique perspective on life that filled him a lust for knowledge. Over the course of years Rorik learned to play his lute and perfect what he thought of as the daily drudgery of glassworking. It was during these years that the news of the Apotheosis finally reached the city of Karak Izor. The flow of trade slowed, and then finally stopped. While people will always need copperworks, they dont always need glass.


Rorik left the city shortly after his fathers death.

Rorik Steadyhand

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