Average Gnomish height, still pretty young, spunky and thinks she's mysterious, but only holds one secret close to her heart.


what you look like, what you might carry, how you might act to certain stimuli.


Waywocket Lilli Breena Nissa Carlin Odana Ella of the Folkor Clan was born and shortly after lost her parents. Alvyn Sapip Yosxim Orrick Warxif and Ellia Faegani Zanikini Daphila Selci of the Folkor Clan took her in and named her. She was a playful child, willful and curious. She loved to play jokes on her parents and frequently hid and forced them to look for her. She was quite adept at it and they usually gave up and had to call her out. It was on a fateful day when she was 5 that she hid so well not even the men who found their carefully hidden village were able to find her. She heard screaming and the sound of metal clanging, sounds of lightning and the smell of burnt meat that she stayed in her hiding spot for a whole day. When she found the courage to come out she found her entire village in ruins. Crying she gathered what she could and took a bell from her old baby rattle to remind her of her parents. She curled up on a nest of blankets she gathered that were not bloodied and fell asleep.

She awoke to the sensation of a soft furry creature rubbing up against her face. When she opened her eyes she saw her beloved rabbit pet Pock. She sat up and it sat in her lap snuggling close to her while she continued to cry. Thanks to the smoke that rose from the ruins of the village Walthas was able to find it. He had heard that there was an attack. Pock looked up at Waywocket and wiggled her nose at her as if to say he’s good. He scooped up Waywocket and took her to the orphanage at the Citadel. He tried to discern what had happened but she was unable to give any real information.

Waywocket learned quickly that the plethora of names she had would not serve her well here in a human world and so she went with her nickname that her mother gave her. Sparklegem was what Ellia had chosen when she noticed that Waywocket’s eyes sparkled like gems when she was being mischievous. Of course it did not stop Waywocket from introducing herself with her full name and following it up with, “but you can call me Sparklegem.”

Things were going well at the orphanage, however one day she noticed one of her friends went missing and that Audrey had become distant and more strict than usual. Things were not going well. Many whispers of an evil witch in the basement started spreading through the orphanage. She turned to Noshi, whom she had found to be unusually friendly towards her for help. He told her she could come to the graveyard anytime she wanted. It was on one of those visits when she happened to be there after dark that she saw a woman tall, slender, with long silver hair and milky skin that shone with a gentle radiance walking towards Noshi’s little shack. Curiosity getting the better of her she peaked into a window and saw the woman talking with Noshi. He was nodding and then hung his head. Quite suddenly the being turned her attention to Waywocket. She beckoned her and Waywocket felt compelled to comply.

One day Jon an older orphan boy came and told her they needed to leave. That was when she saw her; a beautiful elf with flaming red hair, she had seen her before, but something was different. She was angry and it scared Waywocket. Jon told Waywocket to stay close, that they were leaving. Waywocket grabbed Nim, her little pet mouse and followed Jon. She started crying and getting upset, when suddenly she felt calm and willingly to follow. She only briefly noticed that the elf was singing. She took them to the militia house and the nice men there gave them a place to sleep and some food to eat.

The children were returned to the orphanage under the care of someone new and things went well. She still visited Noshi and the shining lady from time to time and she felt like things were right again. A terrible event happened just outside of town and she heard whispers that the red-headed elf lady was with a band of murders and causing havoc. It later came that did was a sorcerer with the group causing trouble.

Then the elf woman came to the orphanage again and assisted. Waywocket learned her name was Morwen and she had a touch of magical ability with singing. It was then that Waywocket shared her abilities with Morwen. She told her about being able to read spell books and retain the information and then a spark of magic would happen when she would say the words, wave her hands a certain way or hold certain materials. Something in the way Morwen looked at her told her instinctively not to tell her about the woman and Noshi. Morwen sent Waywocket to Niac for guidance.


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