Season 1 - Ulrich

Something is not quite right about his mouth.


Eye colour:Brown

Ulrich wears black robes and carries a short spear on his back as well as a heavy crossbow on his waist. He carries himself well and has superb oratory skills. His speaking is parlayed by his noticeable good looks, despite the maladies acquired at the temple (forked tongue and teeth like fangs; not without their uses).


I have no idea who my mother and father are. As an infant, I was found in the woods surrounding the mountain hamlet of Antiek in the Alta Mountains by an oafish lumberman. I suppose that is why I have no desire to learn whom my real parents are. Circumstances as they were, the idling moron decided to take me in as his own and give me “care”- I would’ve been better off left in the wilds, I should think.

And so it was there, in Antiek, that I was raised. Brought up in the house of a lumberman (whom took in too much drink on a constant basis) and his young wife, Enyo. Ah, Enyo – it was this nurturing woman that made this toil bearable for me. She was hauntingly beautiful with a bewitching presence that all the locals loved. Sadly that was not enough to spare her the wrath of a drunken abusive husband, and for all her love for me, and mine for her, I was subject to the same.

The townspeople knew what was happening and, as sheep often do, chose not to act. They would always say “Poor Enyo, what a shame such a charming beauty should be fated thus.” FOOLS!

I remember one day after a lashing we both endured, I asked “How is it you can bear such a dreadful existence and still be beautiful?” and she responded “The same reason you are. Its the dragons blood in our veins that makes us stand out… The dragon’s blessing can also be a curse.”

Then, when I was 14, I was moving logs on the grounds. I hated the interminable toil of the whole place-the menial task without reward. I managed to cut my hand on some of the exposed bark and lost my composure. Something happened…Fire sparked from my finger tips and set the pile aflame.

I had no idea what to think. What happened?

I can easily tell you what followed; My care giver, angry at the loss of his profit, began to beat me unmerciful. Enyo, fearing for my life, chose to protect me. It cost her her’s…

The only person that ever cared for me, that I ever cared for was gone. I wanted vengeance. I wanted the world to burn. I cursed His name. I begged the gods to balance the scales, to make it an equivalent exchange. My prayers were answered.

While I was out in town getting provisions to runaway, the fool got drunk and fell asleep with his pipe lit. I returned to a pile of embers. Maybe the lumberman should have chosen to build his hovel out of stone. He could’ve escaped.

Being newly emancipated, I decided to explore the world. I needed to know what I was. What is the power within me and how do I control it? I need to find how to control this power.

I will NEVER be helpless again…

Journal Entry: 1

I have managed to find myself in the company of a strange band of wanderers. They were about, asking for some assistance. They seemed nice enough, so I figured I would join. At the very least I could possibly acquire more knowledge through journeying with this band of intrepids. There is even another like me in the group. He is called Kasier Ragul. He seems to be well versed in the discipline of fire. Perhaps he could teach me, or at least direct me to his master.

Journal Entry: 2

I came across a a craftsman with some intriguing talents today. He was a hard man to find but luckily I managed to do so (not without some resistance). I commissioned him to produce a new weapon for me. It should prove most useful.

Journal Entry: 3

I seem to have finally found my journal after what seems to be ages. So much has happened its hard to recount. There was a battle, Ryndenhaven is gone, and now I find myself with my group of entrepids in the citadel of Udkig. We’ve infiltrated the black market only to find that we’re being hunted by some unknown group. Something about some murder the group is being held accountable for.

We have met an elf woman whose village was destroyed. She knows not why, and I suppose we’re to find out. Personally, I’m more interested in the arcane secrets of the village. I’m quite excited to see what the smith at The Anvil produces from the dragon hide I’ve given him. Oh yea, I killed a dragon. That happened…

Journal Entry: 4

The past few days have been interesting. Raad’v has been declared murdered. I can’t say that her presence will be missed. I sure as hell won’t be longing for her company.

Last night is a blur to me. I think I drank to much with Hoskin. But I can’t help but let my guard down with him somewhat. We seem to be kindred spirits. My only concern is that I can’t remember what I may have said to him in my stupor.

At any rate, we left for Ornthalus today. Not much to speak of really except for an interesting old hag and her cottage in the wood. Clearly she was some sort of sorceress. Her use of arcanum was quite flawless and I couldn’t help but be impressed. I shared drink with her and the party acquired some trinkets. I myself got a necklace and I think I got it for a steal. Not sure yet what it does but I’m quite eager.

We’ve made camp for the evening and I’m settling down for the night. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Can’t sleep. Strange noises from the woods. Creaking and squealing. I can’t rest. What the Hell is th

Saw the value in helping a needy weaponsmith, Ulrich has been a driving force for our heroes, solving problems or instigating trouble whenever it amuses him.


 Season 1 - Ulrich

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