Verity the Vigilant

Ruthlessly efficient in her polished armor, quick to judgement.


A face dominated by dark, heavy eyebrows, that hover like thunderclouds above her lightning eyes. The heavy, smoldering aura, emanating from this figure dampens and oppresses all else around her. She demeans others while she interrupts, talking over them.


Possesses the head of Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power.

Sigil of Verity

Upon returning to the Citadel, Verity rallied the church to eradicate evil use of arcane magic. People’s fear over recent events pushed her quickly into a position of power. Her specialized task force, Pelor’s Prelates, helped push her agenda along, and all the while, the common people supported her. The council was removed, and Verity assumed the stewardship of the kingdom under the sign of Pelor’s rising sun. Time fueled more fear, and soon the Prelates were rounding up anyone with arcane ability, not just those of evil intent. Determined to spread her crusade and dissatisfied with the level of action from the capital, Verity turned stewardship of the Citadel over to Aran, and founded the Kingdom of Udkig very recently. Whispered in dark room is the true name the common people know her by, “Verity the Vigilante.”.

“I didn’t invite you to a playground, but to a battlefield.”

Verity the Vigilant

Verity the Vigilant

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