Item: Codex Terragnosis

An ancient locked tome, containing the knowledge of the world.


Bound in red leather, cracked and dry with age, the thick volume smells faintly of pipe tobacco and dust. The pages within are brittle and what remains of the book’s original stitching is barely holding it together.

Requires attunement – Value: priceless.

The book has a number of innate abilities, and activated spells:

  • The Barrier Between Worlds: While the Codex Terragnosis resides on the material plane, sending a native of the material plane to another plane, unwillingly, requires a saving throw.
  • The World and the World Are One: If the Codex Terragnosis is not on the Prime Material Plane, it can be used by a spellcaster to cast circle of teleportation with an area of 50’ and a destination well-known to the caster.
  • The Defender of All The Earth: Once, a spellcaster who holds the codex may assume the form of the Phoenix. The form lasts until sunrise, or sunset, at which point the phoenix dies in a flare of brilliant light. The spellcaster must make a Constitution save against DC18 to survive the conflagration.
  • Stone and See, Obey Me: Once per day, you can cast cataclysm against an enemy unit. Cataclysm (battle magic): Attack: +12, Power: +15. Enemy units damaged by this attack must make a DC15 morale save or increment their casualty die twice.
  • Steward of the Earth: As an action, you can summon an Elemental to do your bidding once per day. The Elemental returns to its home plane after 20 minutes.

Written by Hierophant Prithviraña in the 738th year of the Age of Wonders, this book is a comprehensive treatise on the nature of the Mundane World, the material and philosophical principles that set it apart from Arcadia, The Plane of Infinite Fire, or the World Below.

The codex illuminates the Law of Nature, the Law of Time, and the Law of Death and contains a description of the world’s creation, the origins of divine and arcane magic as well as the War Between the Gods.

The Hierophant built his wisdom and knowledge into the Codex Terragnosis. The book binds and shapes the world, defines it and defends it. While it is on the Prime Material Plane, the World is safe.

“The codices from the Age of Wonder bind the world together as we know it.”
          -Arch-Mage Filarion

Codex Terragnosis

 Item: Codex Terragnosis

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