Investigate: Cragmaw Castle

Find Cragmaw Castle, locate Gundren Opalbelly


Defeat the Cragmaw chieftain, King Grol and find Gundren Opalbelly.

REWARD: 600gp


Party defeated King Grol, found Gundren & the map, but has yet to return to Sildar for the reward.


Sildar Hallwinter, as an agent of the Lord’s Alliance, wants to bring law and order to Wende. As such, he wants to find the lost mine of Thunder Cave and help the Opalbelly brothers put it back into production, believing that bringing prosperity to the region will help civilize the town. Sildar encourages you to keep up the pressure on the Cragmaw goblins. He offers 600 gold to locate Cragmaw Castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftain. Sildar suggests you might find the castle be searching the lands around the Triboar Trail for more raiding parties.

“The best defense is a strong offense.”
          -Sildar Hallwinter

Cragmaw Castle

Investigate: Cragmaw Castle

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