Item: Hew

Hew's creator was a dwarf smith who feuded with the dryads near the Copper City, where he cut firewood.

weapon (melee)

A rusty old battleaxe of Dwarven manufacture, runes on the axe head read, “Hew.”

Requires attunement – Value: 3000gp.

While wielding Hew, you are imbued with the industrious spirit of the dwarves and gain:

  • Maximum damage dealt to plant creature or an object made of wood.
  • Feeling of unease whenever passing through forest (-2 Perception).

Found, undiscovered, in the chest of what would be Ozyrrandion’s new hoard in Thundertree.

“The fires of the forge must burn eternally.”
          -blacksmithing proverb

Treasure Pile

 Item: Hew

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