Completed: Ruins of Thundertree

Seek out Reidoth in Thundertree


Seek out Reidoth the Druid in the ruins of Thundertree.

REWARD: Possible directions to Cragmaw Castle or Thunder Cave


Not altogether unwilling to help, Reidoth insisted the team give him a hand with a small dragon problem. Once done, he did not provide directions to Cragmaw Castle, rather, an escort!


Qelline is a longtime friend of a druid named Reidoth. She suggests that you visit Reidoth and for ask for his help finding Cragmaw Castle or Thunder Cave. She says that he recently set out for the ruins of a town called Thundertree. She can provide directions so you can easily find the place.

“There’s not an inch of the land he doesn’t know.”
          -Qelline Alderleaf

The Ruins of Thundertree

  Completed: Ruins of Thundertree

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