Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power

Gather the spear pieces, seal the breach on Vecna's prison.


Reassemble the spear, use it to seal the breach in Vecna’s prison. The portions of the artifact are carried by five powerful villains:

- Ford the Fancy has the spear’s butt spike
- Verity the Vigilant has the head of the spear
- Aran the Candyman has the shaft of the spear
- Amalia, Nature’s Avenger has one of the side spikes
- Morwen the Merciless has one of the side spikes

REWARD: Vecna is not freed.


Stout shafted and wickedly spiked, this weapon emanates evil energy. The spear was used to try and open a seal on Vecna’s prison by Ulrich when Darkness Fell. The spear was sundered and separated in hopes of preventing the seal from cracking any further. While the pieces could not further weaken the portal, they could corrupt even the most devout hero.

Gather the pieces of the spear, reforge it, use it to seal Vecna’s prison, destroy it for good!

“Oh my friend, look how old you’ve become.”
          -Hjelgen’s Tales of Lost Intelligent Weapons

Shadow Fury - The Spear of Power

Shadow Fury, The Spear of Power

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