Item: Talon

Sword of Aldith Tresendar, the Black Hawk, Captain of Vraath Keep.

weapon (melee)

The hilt is worked into the shape of a bird of prey with outspread wings, the blade is inscribed “Talon.”

Requires attunement – Value: 1000gp.

While wielding Talon, you are imbued with the wisdom of Aldith Tresendar, Captain of Vraath Keep, and gain:

  • Elvish as a language,
  • Proficiency on all Charisma checks vs. elves,
  • Proficiency on Stealth, Insight & Survival checks vs. orcs.

Found in a rotten old chest, part of the Nothic’s horde, in a crevasse below the ruins of Tresendar Manor.

“Captain Tresendar was a great friend to the Tiri Kitor elves – no one has been worthy of his blade since.”
          -Sellyria Starsinger, Speaker

Treasure Pile

 Item: Talon

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