Campaign of the Month: July 2018

Morwindl | Rising Tide

2-13: The enemy of my enemy is my ... ?

and the scream that was to die for.

Brief Summary:

The party eluded the orcs in the mountains, but confronted a ghostly fiend in the lowlands.

Moonday the 10th of Planting, 13DF.

In hopes of ditching the orcs before reaching civilization, TBD opted to attempt to enlist the assistance of an ancient orcish enemy. They opted to bypass Agatha’s watcher, leaving him to the orcs. The fury of the banshee was unexpected, and now the orcs are engaged with the watcher. With confrontation eminent, TBD opts to change tactics.


My favorite moment was probably when Aurora was like, “F this, I’m out!”

Bortas Bortas

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