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One of the great joys of D&D is that creative process, the new connections your mind forms as you dream a new person, a new hero into existence. A living thing, with hopes and dreams, history and future. I think we sometimes tackle the process backwards (myself included) well this is what I want to be so let me try to roll that, and think up a backstory. A backstory that continues to be refined over days, weeks, or month, long before the character is ever played. By the time that character gets played the inspiration behind it is long stagnant, and difficult to resurrect when it is needed.

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As I said, I’m hugely guilty of that. And worse still, my infrequent running of the game has exacerbated the problem for you guys (sorry friends!). But I recognize my problem and have done a lot of research to help find the cure. I am asking for your trust to do the same. Let’s build characters in new ways to us, and hopefully keep that inspiration for when we want it the most – when we are actually playing the game.

Do this next

To be ready for character creation, please:
— Take a look at the different races in the PHB and have a rough idea about what the various races are like.
— Skim the different classes, know what each one is roughly about.
—Read through the backgrounds, see if anything catches your attention.
Go no further: the rest of the process is collaborative. Feel free to read on – this is the rough process I intend to use, followed by a table with people, places, events or groups that your new character may have had previous involvement with. If you really want to prep, maybe read up on combat rules, or skill use, et cetera.

Building characters together in a collaborative process:

  1. Roll stats – I mean, who doesn’t love rolling dice?
    • 4d6 – dropping the lowest in the usual fashion.
    • In orderSTR first, DEX second, et cetera. Let’s discover your character together in this moment.
    • Optional partial re-roll – Does your hero have a tragic flaw? You may choose to re-roll one stat using 5d6 and dropping the two lowest (with advantage), but you must also re-roll another stat using 3d6 (with disadvantage).
    • Heroic characters – your character must have at least two 15s to be a viable roll-set – you are a hero! If you do not have at least two 15s, start over.
  2. Determine class (PHB45) – What story do those stats tell you? Do you have a concept of what your new character’s personality is like?
  3. Determine race (PHB17) – Morwindl is a humanocentric locale, and as such there may be as many humans in the party as the group would like, but no more than one each of the other playable races.
  4. Determine background (PHB127) – What background best matches your new hero? What two traits? What one ideal? What one bond? What is your one tragic flaw?
  5. Join the world – The Kingdom of Udkig is relatively rural, and as such you may have as many party members from rural areas or unnamed villages (until you name it, that is) as you like, but no more than one player may be from each of the more notable: The Citadel, Borelain, or Wende. Who is your favorite person and why? Any living relatives?
  6. Draw group backstory cards – Taking turns, you will draw cards that help you build backgrounds that fit into the world, and tie you together. The cards will be based on the below table – take a look so you aren’t surprised by the items there when we create.
  7. Secret twist card (optional) – Taking turns, you may choose to draw a card with a secret twist about your character. You may choose to tell other players about your twist, if you see fit, or let that story develop more naturally. Choosing a twist card will earn you a single Karma point.

Once all complete, we will begin in the village of Kroejer’s Well.

Backstory Cards Table

Individual Group Place Event
Gundren Opalbelly
Gung-ho prospector that believes he and his brothers have found the lost mine of the Wendelver Pact.
Pelor’s Prelates
Belligerent order of priests, god-bent on hunting down and eradicating arcane magic use.
Town of Borelain
Wealthy farming community built around a Temple of Beory, the shipments have slowed recently.
Apotheosis of Verity
Verity declared the Northwest portion of Morwindl as the Kingdom of Udkig, with herself as Pelor’s divine servant on the throne.
Zakarias Ormund
Mayor of Borelain and a retired but still capable veteran of the Greenblood Wars.
Thieves Guild
Such a guild is almost a necessary evil in a large city. In The Citadel, the guild is far more malevolent in these last few years.
Town of Wende
Formerly prosperous mining town turned frontier village, since the collapse of Thundercliff Cave.

Pelor Blesses Udkig
In a stunning coup d’état, Pelor’s Prelates ousted the council of Udkig, and put The Citadel under the strict rule of the church.
Ulrich Draconis
Villain of Darkness Falls, but spent many years living in normal society undetected.
Original Party
Amalia, Aran, Ford, Morwen, & Verity, as well as previous player characters. This group was responsible one controversial situation after another.
The Citadel
Previously known as Udkig, now the seat for the Kingdom of Udkig, as well as the center of commerce. Arcane magic use is illegal here.
Darkness Falls
Vecna reaching through the portal and draining magic from the world.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to run a new season, create new stories with you, and just hang out. I hope these guidelines don’t feel too restricting, and that you will still be able to build a character to fall in love with.

“Hi, my character is Vlad, I’m a sorcerer. And this is my horse, horserer. "

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