Citadel of Udkig

Small city: conventional; AL LN (ruled by a council);10,000gp lmiit; Assets 1,000,000gp; Population 6,850; Mixed (human 80%, halfling 5%, half-elf 5%, gnome 3%, elf 3%, dwarf 2%, half-orc 1%, other 1%)

In the north west end of the island, in the shadow of the Eldur Mountains, lies the fortified Citadel of Udkig. A coastal city that sees much shipping traffic, and the unfortunate pirate activity that accompanies it. Founded over 3 hundred years ago by five adventurers (Tarma, Rurik, Kasier Galar and Padan) who cleared the area of a particularly brutal tribe of lizardfolk. Before they came, the area had consisted of just a few buildings, but the adventurers decided it was a fine place to retire and used their wealth to found the town. Since that time, it has grown up and outwards, becoming a center of commerce and a base for adventurers.

Many travelers have decided to settle here because the citadel is located in a prime position—not too far from civilization, but far enough that external politics and tax collectors rarely bother to make the journey. It is filled with possibility and ripe for exploration—a perfect place for adventurers to call home while they explore the trackless reaches of the lizardfolk-haunted marshes to the southwest, the mysterious reach of the dreadwood to the east, or any of the wild frontiers that lie between.

Our heroes have found the Citadel has far more to offer than they originally could imagine: danger and adventure around every corner. While they have lived here for several weeks, they have only explored a portion of the notable places inside the walls. Where can they go from here? Wherever they feel inspired to explore. In their wanderings, they often hear local rumors

Citadel of Udkig

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