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A little over 13 years has passed since the events of Darkness Falls, and the world rapidly returned to the status quo. Our five heroes did not remain unaffected by these events, and neither did the world, although the common folk cannot identify that anything is amiss. Three spells were forever removed from the history of the world, the thoughts and minds of all those who practice magic: Conjure Animals, Conjure Minor Elementals, and Protection from Evil & Good.

  • Sigil of Verity
    Verity the Vigilant – upon returning to the Citadel, Verity rallied the church to eradicate evil use of arcane magic. People’s fear over recent events pushed her quickly into a position of power. Her specialized task force, Pelor’s Prelates, helped push her agenda along, and all the while, the common people supported her. The council was removed, and Verity assumed the stewardship of the kingdom under the sign of Pelor’s rising sun. Time fueled more fear, and soon the Prelates were rounding up anyone with arcane ability, not just those of evil intent. Determined to spread her crusade and dissatisfied with the level of action from the capital, Verity turned stewardship of the Citadel over to Aran, and founded the Kingdom of Udkig very recently. Whispered in dark room is the true name the common people know her by, “Verity the Vigilante.”
  • Sigil of Ford
    Fancy Ford, The Dread Pirate – with such a long established history of being an honest pirate, Ford found the smuggling of dangerous cargo into a populated space reprehensible – he only smuggled safe goods that people enjoyed, and only hurt them a little. He took to the seas, and for the first time in centuries, the sign of the jolly roger was flown publicly. He controls most of the coastline, and given his history with Godqueen Verity, he seems beyond reproach.
  • Sigil of Morwen
    Morwen the Merciless – Surprising no one, Morwen retired to the orphanage. She took extra time with their education, ensuring they could defend themselves if attacked. Later, she taught them skills like pick-pocketing, because who knew when they could fall in need of a few coppers to eat. Now, the children learn how to fight and kill efficiently, quietly, invisible beings at the bottom of society. Her children eliminated the bulk of the Assassins Guild’s roster in one night. Today, her scorpion-sigiled hit-children-thieves have the city under the cloak of fear.
  • Sigil of Aran
    Aran the Candyman – Upon his return to the Citadel, Aran devoted his time to baking and candy making, determined to spread cure hunger and cure the sick. He would tour the city, and was known for giving small, magical candies to children, increasing their good cheer. Under the sign of the rose, he has stewardship of the Citadel, and Morwen’s special kids are sent to ‘the Candyman’ for far more sinister reasons.
  • Sigil of Amalia
    Amalia, Nature’s Avenger – Amalia never returned to civilized society, always in search of perhaps someone she knew from her destroyed village. The forced solitude drove her as mad as the spear spike did. She wanders the countryside in search of a perceived wrong doing to vanquish, nay, punish. Slaughtering hunters who simply killed deer to feed their home, or tearing down bridges, civilization being the bane of nature. There are many a professed vegan when she is on a nearby rampage.

The capital of Morwindl, Gweldimest, is none to happy with the recent developments in the Northwest of the island, and there are rumors of several armies forming to make the long march north.

“The only way to educate oneself is by making books a life companion.”

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