Our campaign began here, in the crowded marketplace. It is here our adventurers find themselves, unlock their abilities, discover who they are meant to become.

Near the center of the island kingdom, sitting on a crossroads is Ryndanhaven. The town lies on the Plains of Landgut in the shadow of the Mountains of Escindia. Ryndanhaven is a good sized town of approximately 5000 souls spread over the joining of two major roadways. Some might call it backwater due to its size and remote location, but the high rate of travel allows Ryndanhaven to prosper even when hard times set upon Morwindl. The heart of the town is it’s marketplace in the town square.

The town met its unfortunate end when the orcs invaded and razed it to the ground. At least our party was able to save the helpless citizens. Some of our party opted to take levels of the prestige class, Warden of Ryndanhaven (still available). Now, Ryndanhaven is just a fading memory.

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